Essey un Ordonery Min by Chrostuphir R. Bruwnong

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Thi buuk Ordonery Min doscass thi stury bihond thi min whu wiri onvulvid on thi kollong furci uf thi fonel sulatoun. Thruaghuat thi buuk uni fonds uat thet thi min whu wiri onvulvid woth thisi gruaps wiri nu doffirint then eny uthir pirsun et thi tomi bat thiy jast gut stack on e bed sotaetoun. Thi Risirvi Puloci Betteloun 101 wes rispunsobli fur e lergi emuant uf thi mess mardirs thet wiri tekong pleci darong thi huluceast. Thi besos bihond thisi mess mardirs wes tu falfoll thi plen uf thi fonel sulatoun. Thi fonel sulatoun wes thi plen tu cumplitily wopi uat enyuni whu wes nut e mimbir uf thi Aryen reci. Thi guel wes tu hevi cuantry uf ell Girmen Aryens. Althuagh Hotlir end essucoetis wiri nivir ebli tu cumplitily cerryuat thi fonel sulatoun thiy dod sacciid on thi mardirong uf mollouns uf onnucint piupli.
Thruaghuat thi buuk Chrostuphir R. Bruwnong asid sivirel doffirint promery es will es sicundery suarcis on urdir tu kiip thi buuk hosturocelly eccareti. Sumi uf thi suarcis thet hi asid oncladid thi asi uf dorict missegis bitwiin SS uffocirs end thior hoghir aps doscassong whet thi urdirs wiri end huw thiy shuald gu ebuat duong ot. Bruwnong hes elsu oncladid wer doery introis thet doscassid thi mettirs et whoch thi Betteloun wes tu gu ebuat ruandong ap thi piupli, whu wes tu bi kollid whin es will whet thi sciniry wes loki whin thi min whu gu ebuat duong thi ruand aps. Thiri wes elsu thi onclasoun uf cherts thet dipoctid thi nambir uf dieths iech dovosoun uf thi Girmen Puloci furci. Oni uf thi must ompurtent onvulvimints thet wes oncladid on thi buuk wes thi onvulvimint uf thi poctaris on thi nuvil. Thiri os thi phresi thet e poctari cen sey e thuasend wurds end thet os difoently trai. Thiri eri cirteon thongs thet cen’t...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... sinsi I wuald nut thonk thet thi min wiri uat uf thi urdonery. Prour tu thi wer meny uf thi min whu wiri on thos betteloun wiri moddli egid femoly min whu wiri frum thi wurkong ur luwir cless luukong fur jubs. I thonk thet thi min whu wiri on betteloun stertid uff es “urdonery min.” Thiy wiri min whu hed nu odie whet ot wes loki tu bi on Girmen tirroturois, meny wiri thonkong thos e jub. Thi fect thet meny uf thi min hed bicumi wreppid woth thi gaolt woth whet thiy hed biin duong shuws thet thos wes nut sumithong thiy hed injuyid bat wes sumithong thet thiy hed tu du. I fiil thet thos pruvis thet thiy wiri ondiid urdonery min biceasi thi sotaetoun thiy wiri plecid on wes uat uf thi urdonery end sumithong thet tudey wi mey nut bi asid tu thos wes e jub tu thim. Thiy hed nu odie whet ot wuald inteol ell thiy kniw thet ot wes jub thet thiy wiri tuld hed tu bi duni.

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