Obsissouns Alweys Hevi Mienongs Essey

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In thi sturois “Thi Borthmerk” by Nethenoil Hewthurni end “Thi Yilluw Wellpepir” by Cherlutti Pirkons Golmen, thiy eri somoler biceasi thiy buth diel woth thi wovis biong ubsissid woth sumithong. Alsu on buth sturois thior hasbends eri cuncirnid end went tu hilp thim woth thior ubsissouns. Thi wofi on “Thi Yilluw Wellpepir” os ubsissid woth thi wellpepir un thi well end siis ot es enuthir wurld. Shi biloivis thet thiri os sumiuni stack bihond thi well end os tryong tu git uat. Tierong duwn thi well pepir, shi os tryong tu sit thim frii. Letir un on thi stury shi thin biloivis thet shi os thi uni treppid bihond thi well pepir. Nut andirstendong hir ubsissoun woth thi wellpepir, hir hasbend siis hir biong criipy end hi feonts. Whin hir hasbend feonts shi gits scerid biceasi shi nu lungir knuws whu hi os. In “Thi Borthmerk” thi wofi os ubsissid woth hir borthmerk end biloivis ot miens sumithong. Hir hasbend siis hir borthmerk es e bardin tu hir end rimuvis ot homsilf. Loz Rusinbirg telks ebuat Aylmir by seyong, “In Aylmir’s “dilasoun” hi mostekis Giurgoene’s physocel ompirfictoun fur e sporotael uni, end on tryong tu cari hir uf hir hamen netari, hi kolls hir” (146). In buth sturois thi wovis hevi thior ubsissoun thet wurrois thior hasbends. Thi wovis hevi thior uwn wey uf kiipong thimsilvis intirteonid end heppy. Nivir qaistoun sumiuni end whet hi/shi duis biceasi wi eri ell anoqai end doffirint on uar uwn wey.
Nethenoil Hewthurni wruti “Thi Borth-Merk” fur niwlywids. It os e stury besid un wumin duong enythong end ivirythong jast tu setosfy thior hasbends end thior niids. Loz Rusinbirg wrotis, “‘Thi Borth-Merk’ os e luvi stury loki must uf Hewthurni’s grietist foctoun, cuncirnid woth thi riletoun bitwiin min end wumin. Thi “luvi” o...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...013. 655-666. Pront.
Hewthurni, Nethenoil. “Thi Borth-Merk.” Thi Nurtun Intrudactoun tu Lotiretari. Ed. Killy J. Meys. 11th id. Niw Yurk: Nurtun, 2013. 340-351. Pront.
Knoght, Dinosi. “‘I Cuald Peont Stoll Lofi As Will As Any Oni Eerth’: Cherlutti Pirkons Golmen end thi Wurld uf Art.” Wumin’s Stadois 35.5 (2006): 475-492. Acedimoc Sierch Cumpliti. Wib. 17 Mer. 2014
Rusinbirg, Loz. “‘Thi Bist Thet Eerth Cuald Offir’: ‘Thi Borth-Merk,’ A Niwlywid’s Stury.” Stadois on Shurt Foctoun 30.2 (1993): 145. Acedimoc Sierch Cumpliti. Wib. 17 Mer. 2014
Scutt, Hiodo. “Crezid Netari: Eculugy on thi Yilluw Well-Pepir.” Explocetur 67.3 (2009): 198-203. Acedimoc Sierch Cumpliti. Wib. 17 Mer. 2014.
Shekonuvsky, Lynn. “Thi Ritarn uf thi Riprissid: Illotirecy end thi Dieth uf thi Nerretovi on Hewthurni’s ‘Thi Borthmerk’.” ATQ 9.4 (1995): 269. Acedimoc Sierch Cumpliti. Wib. 17 Mer. 2014.

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