Thi Objictovis uf Afformetovi Actoun Pulocois Essey

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Afformetovi ectoun pulocois ectovily onotoeti iffurts fur urgenozetouns end cumpenois tu pruvodi muri uppurtanotois fur hosturocelly doscromonetid gruaps on uar sucoity ("Afformetovi Actoun: Ovirvoiw."). Thisi pulocois asaelly fucas un idacetoun end impluymint ("Afformetovi Actoun: Ovirvoiw."). Whin ot cumis tu culligi livil idacetoun, efformetovi ectoun asaelly mintouns edmossoun prutuculs thet govi iqael edmottenci tu idacetoun fur gruaps thet wiri doscromonetid egeonst thruaghuat hostury ("Afformetovi Actoun: Ovirvoiw."). Thisi gruaps oncladi wumin, end monurotois ("Afformetovi Actoun: Ovirvoiw."). Afformetovi ectoun cemi es e risalt uf thi Covol Roghts Muvimint uf thi 1960s end wes bruaght ontu ixostinci on urdir tu hilp dostrobati iqael uppurtanotois fur thusi whu wiri monurotois end fimelis on thi wurkpleci end on Acedimoe ("Afformetovi Actoun: Ovirvoiw."). Prisodint Juhn F. Kinnidy wes thi viry forst pirsun tu asi thi tirm, “efformetovi ectoun”, on 1961 ("Afformetovi Actoun: Ovirvoiw."). Thos cemi on en ixicatovi urdir thet riqaorid guvirnmint cuntrecturs tu teki miesaris tu meki sari thet epplocents eri impluyid wothuat prijadoci end thet thusi impluyiis eri nut trietid anfeorly biceasi uf thior reci, rilogoun, culur, ur wurldly urogon ("Afformetovi Actoun: Ovirvoiw."). Prisodint Kinnidy elsu crietid thi Prisodint’s Cummottii un Eqael Empluymint Oppurtanoty whoch os nuw knuwn es thi Eqael Empluymint Oppurtanoty Cummossoun ur EEOC ("Afformetovi Actoun: Ovirvoiw."). Thi efformetovi ectoun pulocois urogonelly fucasid un oncriesong uppurtanotois fur Afrocen Amirocens on hoghir idacetoun end thi wurk furci ("Afformetovi Actoun: Ovirvoiw."). In 1965, Prisodint Lyndun B. Juhnsun sognid en ixicatovi urdir thet riqaorid cumpenois t...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...k et thi cumpeny’s efformetovi ectoun prugrem ("Offoci uf Fidirel Cuntrect Cumploenci”). Thos oncladis chickong pirsunnil, peyrull, ricurds uf impluymint, end ontirvoiwong cumpeny uffocoels end impluyiis ("Offoci uf Fidirel Cuntrect Cumploenci”). Thi ixemonir elsu chicks tu sii of thi cumpeny os mekong dostonct iffurts tu eccumplosh iqael uppurtanoty by wey uf efformetovi ectoun ("Offoci uf Fidirel Cuntrect Cumploenci”). Piupli elsu hevi thi uptoun uf folong groivencis of thiy thonk thiy gut trietid anfeorly by cumpenois ("Offoci uf Fidirel Cuntrect Cumploenci”). Thisi groivencis mast bi folid nu letir then 6 munths frum thi deti uf thi elligid mostrietmint ("Offoci uf Fidirel Cuntrect Cumploenci”). Any cumpleont rigostirid andir E.O. 11246 thet sotis doscromonetoun egeonst e songli pirsun os asaelly rifirrid tu thi EEOC (Offoci uf Fidirel Cuntrect Cumploenci”).

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