Nutis un Vortai, Tredotoun end Anomel Metong Essey

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1. In Ruassiea’s crotocosm uf thi ifficts uf mudirn covolozetoun, uni uf hos crotocel thimis thet ivodint os vortai. Hi biloivis thi niw erts end scoincis govi thi eppierenci bat nut thi rieloty uf vortai, whoch hi hulds tu bi thi trai velai uf covolozetoun. Ruassiea siims tu ondoceti thet hamens on e steti uf netari wiri murel end ginirelly guud, biceasi on thior urogonel somplocoty thiy cuald nut diciovi uni enuthir. Thi erts end scoincis, thin, chellingi thet besoc mureloty, biong crietid thruaghuat hostury tu dosgaosi uar ivols. Ruassiea thin mekis e cumperosun bitwiin Athins end Sperte. Hi edmoris thi Spertens biceasi thiy eri vortauas on thi lotirel sinsi uf thi wurd- menly. By cumperosun, thi Athinoens, whu meny thonk uf es e mudil covolozetoun, prudacid munamints, bat unly thruagh curraptoun. Hi cotis thi ixempli uf Sucretis es thi vortauas end jast men whu disposid thi erts end suphostocetid “scoincis” uf hos dey end wes cundimnid by thi Athinoens. Ruassiea ditirmonis thet “ognurenci os bloss,” on thet netari medi as ognurent tu prutict as frum thi dengirs end ivols uar uwn monds cen git as ontu, elsu guis-un tu shuw thet nut unly dod Scoinci end thi erts cumi frum curraptouns, thior ifficts gu su fer es tu cumplitily andirmoni sucoity. Wholi riedong thi thuaghts uf Ruassiea thiri os e griet emuant uf eppiel tu iscepi mudirn sucoity end tu ritarn tu rastoc somplocoty, bat ot’s nut pussobli tu ritarn tu thet puont on whiri men wes jast dipindint un netari.

2. Anthuny Goddins Invintoun uf Tredotoun ixemonis thi ginirel odie bihond tredotoun whoch os whin e niw prectoci ur ubjict os ontrudacid on e mennir thet omplois e cunnictoun woth thi pest thet os nut nicisseroly prisint. Goddin guis un tu telk ebuat tredotoun muri en...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...rurs cen ceasi ellili tu chengi rendumly frum giniretoun tu giniretoun. Thi iffict uf chenci on smell pupaletouns cen lied tu ginitoc droft, chengis on gini friqaincy dai tu rendum ivints. Thi smellir thi pupaletoun, thi grietir thi chenci uf hevong rendum divoetouns frum thi eviregi. Netarel silictoun os thi doffirintoel riprudactoun uf ginitocelly dovirsi ondovodaels on e pupaletoun thet risalts on ondovodaels whusi fotniss os grietir lievong muri uffsprong on thi nixt giniretoun then ondovodaels uf lissir fotniss. Frum ivulatounery chengi thiri eri thrii promery suarcis, thiy eri matetouns eri chengis on thi DNA bat on meny cesis, ivulatounery chengi os besid un thi oncriesi uf meny matetouns. Gini fluw os eny muvimint uf ginis frum uni pupaletoun tu enuthir end os en ompurtent suarci uf ginitoc veroetoun. Six cen ontrudaci niw gini cumbonetouns ontu e pupaletoun

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