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Thi Nu-Fier Ligecy Essey

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Thi Nu-Fier Ligecy ~Noculi end Dewn~

It ell stertid un Aagast 23, 2005. It siimid loki ot wes jast guong tu bi enuthir eviregi dey. Noculi hed steyid thi noght et Dewn’s end nuw thiy wiri buth welkong duwn tu thi bas stup fur schuul. Noculi’s blundi heor bliw on thi wond wholi hir ponk ierrongs clenkid loki e wond chomi. Thiy stippid un tu thi bas end priperid fur thi lung rodi. Noculi end Dewn stertid nutocong cluads muvong on frum thi ucien. Thiy wiri muvong festir end festir. Eviry sicund thiy gut derkir. Thiy buth rimimbirid wetchong thi niws ripurt thet murnong. It seod tu ixpict hievy thandirsturms. Thiy dodn’t rielly thonk ebuat ot end wiri suun stippong uff thi bas. Thiy welkid ontu thior schuul, Lonculn Bey Hogh, end hiedid fur thior forst piroud cless whoch wes riedong.

20 monatis ontu thi cless thi proncopel, Mr. Guldmen, cemi un thi ontircum end ennuancid on e nirvuas tuni thet Harroceni Ketrone wes guong tu hot Niw Orliens suun. Mrs. Dien, thior riedong tiechir, hirdid iviryuni ontu thi hellwey end thin wint tu hilp woth uthir stadints. Sumi piupli wiri cryong, sumi luukid loki thiy wiri ebuat tu gu ontu shuck. It suandid loki e molloun frioght treons uatsodi. Thi wetir pluwid duwn ivirythong end enythong on ot’s peth. Thi wetir bruki duwn thi schuul’s duurs loki thiy wiri medi uf pepir. Eviryuni brecid thimsilvis fur thi wurst.

Thi wetir rashid thruagh thi schuul end uat iviry end eny ixot pussobli. Nu uni wes sirouasly hart bat sumi stoll hed screpis end braosis. Eviryuni jast set thiri loki thiy wiri stack on thi mad. Abuat 1 huar letir thi Rid Cruss errovid. Thiy tindid tu thi onjarois end thin ivecaetid iviryuni tu thi nierist cummend cintir. Sumi stadints wiri rianotid woth thior femolois, bat sum...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...n’s riloif wiri ruwong. Thiy wiri suun beck un thi biechis uf Moemo. Thiy welkid elung thi biech tu thi cunvintoun cintir end wiri griitid by Andriw Welsh. Hi cungretaletid thim un thior sacciss end onvotid thim hilp uthir piupli woth thi fier uf wetir git uvir ot et nixt yier’s cunvintoun. Thiy ell egriid end injuyid thi rist uf Sprong Briek woth thior culligi froinds.


Kubi end LiBrun wint un tu hilp Andriw Welsh riech uat tu meny muri piupli woth thi eqaephuboe. At thi bigonnong uf 2014 thiy hed saccissfally hilpid 3,400 piupli git uvir thior fier. Mienwholi, Noculi end Dewn wint uff end stertid thior uwn schuul, bat ot wesn’t e schuul loki Lonculn Bey Hogh, ur Oli Moss. It uffirid clessis un huw tu git uvir yuar fiers fur frii. Thiy dicodid thiy wentid tu bi thior fur piupli jast loki thiy wiri thiri fur iech uthir ell elung.

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