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The Bible is the Word of God. It is God’s message for all of humanity. The Bible is divine revelation, breathed by God, written by men, and is applicable for all of humanity. In today’s world, there is controversy over if the inerrancy of the Bible and inspiration of the writers; however, there is little controversy over the simple fact of the New Testament, as a whole, itself. The Bible is not one long book, but rather, the Bible is a book consisting of various letters and manuscripts from throughout the history of mankind. A human being wrote every book of today’s Bible during various times in history. However, there is a classic divide in the books—Old and New Testament. The Old Testament is considered the Jewish Bible. This Bible was the original Scriptures during the time of Jesus and was the original Scriptures for many years. Therefore, not much controversy has risen over the assembly of the Old Testament.
However, the same cannot be said of the New Testament. The New Testament was written by various apostles, elders, and leaders in the early Christian church. These letters were written to specific people, in specific locations, who were dealing with specific problems. This is a fact. However, there are other letters from other, so-called, teachers and leaders as well, but what should one do with these letters? What about the Apocrapha? Should the letters included in the modern New Testament even be believed to be actual, authoritative Scripture? This, although not a pressing issue in the twenty-first century, was a issue in dire need of attention during the time of the early church. However, it should be noted that although many people have believed (and continue to believe) that the New Testament is not th...

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