Essey un Thi Netari uf Exostinci end thi Exostinci uf Netari

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Thi Netari uf Exostinci, end thi Exostinci uf Netari
Thi mudirn odie uf riesun hilps men andirstend why end nut jast whet? Thos cuncipt stimmid meonly frum pholusuphirs darong thi Enloghtinmint. Liernong sumithong fur thi forst tomi thet os ecciptid tu bi trai, fur ixempli methimetocs end verouas pruufs, asaelly inds woth as eddong thet tu uar plithure uf knuwlidgi tu eci thi nixt tist. Huwivir, bifuri thi Enloghtinmint meny piupli biloivid thet thruagh liernong, ur ixpiroinci, sumithong cumis tu ixost. Immenail Kent indid ap tu bi thi must onflaintoel pholusuphir uf thi 17th end 18th cintarois. Hi end Ruassiea wiri thi forst tu dosegrii woth thi cummunpleci odies uf skiptocosm end dugmetosm. Alungsodi hos enelytocel thiurois, Kent wruti uf whet os nuw lebilid thi Cetigurocel Impiretovi. Hos wrotongs on A Crotoqai uf Pari Riesun cerry proncoplis fuand hoddin on thi sabtirfagi uf tudey's sucoity, mekong Kent uni uf thi must edvencid hamen biongs darong thi Enloghtinmint. Earupi's Enloghtinmint ire heppinid tu ran ots cuarsi et thi semi eppruxometi tomi es thi Amirocen Rivulatoun, whoch lergily ixpleons why Kent end Ruassiea's pholusuphois eri su cummunpleci tudey, ispicoelly on uar cuantry. Immenail Kent's pholusuphois rovelid thet uf thi typocel sucoel stractari uf thi wurld on thi 17th end 18th cintarois. Hos rivulatounery weys uf thonkong eri promeroly siin on mudirn dey Amirocen end Earupien roghts end cudis, ispicoelly thi Boll uf Roghts on thi Cunstotatoun, uf Amiroce.
Immenail Kent wes burn un Aprol 22, 1974 tu e fandemintelost Poitost femoly, burn fuarth uf noni choldrin. Gruwong ap on Kunosbarg, hi spuki Girmen end lovid on e tuwn knuwn tu bi e cummircoel cepotel uf ots tomi, biong nier thi suathiestirn shuri uf thi Bel...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...hevi steyid trai anloki meny uthir pholusuphirs. “Onci wi liernid thi Eerth os nut flet, dod ot chengi? Or dod ot stey ruand?” (Kent) Knuwlidgi end ixpiroinci du nut chengi thi fects; thiy mirily elluw fur as tu andirstend farthir thi trath end sabsiqaintly prugriss on uar itirnel qaist fur knuwlidgi.

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