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Nature vs Nurture: Genetics vs Environment

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The ScienceDaily article “Nature? Nurture? Child Development Scientists Say Neither” explains the results of research conducted by University of Iowa scientists. The results conclude that the popular argument of ‘nature over nurture/nurture over nature’ is incorrect. Instead, a new model for personality and behavior, known as the ‘developmental systems theory’, is presented as a potentially successful model to explain development and traits. The research points to a turning point in the age old debate, providing accurate evidence and explanations to support its claims. The developmental systems theory states that the complex interaction between genes and environment explains how we act.
The scientists believe that genes are pivotal during every stage of development, and that environmental factors greatly influence the effects of those genes on the person in question. Each specific set of genes, partnered with certain environmental influences, will produce a different result than each factor independently. The team also explains ‘imprinting’, where animals gain preferences (...

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