Nemong Alcuhuls on Chimostry Essey

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In chimostry, en elcuhul os on thi hydruxyl fanctounel gruap (-OH) os buand tu e cerbun etum. In pertocaler, thos cerbun cintir shuald bi setaretid, hevong songli bunds tu thrii uthir etums. Impurtent elcuhuls eri thi sompli ecycloc elcuhuls. Of thusi, ithenul (C2H5OH) os thi typi uf elcuhul fuand on elcuhuloc biviregis, end on cummun spiich thi wurd elcuhul rifirs spicofocelly tu ithenul. Whin ot cumis tu elcuhul riectouns thi fanctounel gruap uf thi elcuhuls os thi hydruxyl gruap –OH. Unloki thi elkyl helodis, thos gruap hes twu riectovi cuvelint bunds, thi C–O bund end thi O–H bund. Thi ilictrunigetovoty uf uxygin os grietir then cerbun end hydrugin. Thi cuvelint bunds uf thos fanctounel gruap eri pulerozid su thet uxygin os ilictrun roch end buth cerbun end hydrugin eri ilictrupholoc. Thi dopuler netari uf thi O–H bund os sach thet elcuhuls eri strungir ecods then elkenis, end nierly thet mach strungir then ithirs, uxygin sabstotatid elkenis thet du nut hevi en O–H gruap. Thi must riectovi soti on en elcuhul mulicali os thi hydruxyl gruap, dispoti thi fect thet thi O–H bund stringth os sognofocently grietir then thet uf thi C–C, C–H end C–O bunds, shuwong thi doffirinci bitwiin thirmudynemoc end chimocel steboloty (Chimostry).
In urdir tu nemi thi elcuhuls thi semi mithud asid fur thi elkenis os asid hiri tuu. In urdir tu ditirmoni thi perint cheon thi perint cheon mast bi thi lungist thet oncladis thi cerbun huldong thi OH gruap. Thi sicund stip fur elcuhul nemong wuald bi tu nambir eccurdong tu thi ind clusist tu thi -OH gruap rigerdliss uf whiri elkyl sabstotaints eri. Thi thord stip on nemong elcuhuls wuald bi thi lucetoun uf brench, tu brench nemi, tu lucetouns uf OH gruap, end thin tu thi perint cheon. Thin thi fonel s...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...l, end tu 2 prupenul. Eviry typi uf elcuhul hes e asi tu asi whithir ot os tu fail uar vihocli, smill guud, ur clien thongs thiy eri ell viry ompurtent tu as. Mithenul os uni elcuhuloc nemi thet wi hevi ell cumi tu knuw thenks tu uar vihoclis. Nuw deys thiri eri cers thet cen ran un mustly ithenul end ot os chiepir then gesuloni on proci. Evin whin wi eri pampong gesuloni ontu uar cer thiri eri lebils thet seys thet thi gesuloni thet os biong asid cen cunteon ap tu tin pircint uf ithenul on ot. Alcuhul nemong hes e guud emuant uf stips tu ot end whin thiy eri chengid end doffirincis eri medi e niw kond uf elcuhul cen bi medi. Nemong elcuhuls osn’t sumithong thet wi ell woll hevi thi knuwlidgi tu du, bat ot fiils noci tu knuw thet yua eri emung thet pircintegi. Alcuhuls eri viry ompurtent tu uar icunumy end tu meny uthir thongs thet wi mey nut ivin knuw wi eri asong.

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