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I have participated in the following co-curricular activities:
Student Council: I was elected by my classmates to be the student representative for my class on the Student Council at the Mother of God School in the third, fifth and eighth grades.
Girl Scouts: I have been in Girl Scouts from the fourth grade to eighth grade. My troop has performed several service projects which include community improvement such as trash collection from the Potomac River, stuffing stockings filled with presents for the poor during Christmas, and creating jewelry to be sold in the school Christmas bazaar. I have also attended daily Girl Scout summer camps as well as an overnight week-long camp at Aquia Creek in Virginia.
Music: I took piano classes for six years. I have been playing clarinet for my school band from the fourth grade to eighth grade. Our band has received high recognition the past two years at the spring band performance at St. John’s College High School.
Sports: I have been playing soccer for several years either with the Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) program or...

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