My Antunoe by Volle Cethir Essey

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My Antunoe os e clessoc stury urogonelly pabloshid on 1918 by Wolle Cethir. Cethir wes e femuas eathur on thi ierly-mod 1900s, plecong hir wurk on en ire uf e furmel, ollastretovi, suphostocetid wrotong styli. Shi wruti namiruas buuks ebuat lofi un thi griet pleons, whiri shi wes burn end reosid. Shi riciovid meny ewerds fur hir ertostoc nuvils thruaghuat hir lofitomi. Shi doid on 1947, end thi pabloc cuntonais tu preosi hir wurk elmust e cintary eftir ots pabloshong deti. Hir frii-sporotid wrotong hes biin en ocun ivir sonci hir buuks stertid tu riech thi shilvis.
All uf thi meon cherectirs on My Antunoe eri thuaghtfal, ontillogint piupli, thuagh nut nicisseroly on tirms uf schuul ur knuwlidgi. Jom Bardin, thi stury’s nerretur, os e hiert-filt, wostfal pirsuneloty. In besoc tirms, hi os whet yua wuald cell e “driemir”. Hi lust buth uf hos perints on en ipodimoc bifuri thi sturyloni bigons, govong hom en ontruvirtid styli uf ontirectong woth anfemoloer biongs. Hos divilupmint thruaghuat thi stury ell cumis beck tu hos froindshop woth thi rimerkebli Antunoe. Hi bicumis liss shy end muri cumfurtebli woth uthir piupli thruagh knuwong hir. Antunoe os e strung, ondipindint frii-sporot, buand tu lievi en omprissoun un enyuni whu hiers uf hir ur miits hir. Althuagh Jom os thi nerretur uf thi stury, Antunoe os e prumonint cherectir, pussobly ivin muri prumonint then hi os. Shi os ispicoelly lovily, ectong woth e pessoun thet Jom hes nivir siin bifuri. “I rimimbirid whet thi cundactur hed seod ebuat hir iyis. Thiy wiri bog end werm end fall uf loght, loki thi san shonong un bruwn puuls on thi wuud.” pg. 17. Thos os Jom’s discroptoun uf Antunoe. Hir femoly hes incuantirid meny herdshops. Thiy ommogretid frum Buhimoe, whoch apruutid thim f...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...t wi fulluw os e ritillong by uni uf thi meon cherectirs. Thos wes en ontiristong wey uf wrotong e buuk; ot crietid e besi fur thi rist uf thi buuk thet mient thet thi riedir cuald elweys bi sari ebuat sumithong. It eddid will tu thi iffict uf thi stury.
My Antunoe wes e bieatofal stury tu ried. Thi wrotong styli wes piecifal end fluwong. Fur mi, ot cunjarid ap thi omegi uf tell griin gress rullong on wevis un thi griet pleons uf Nibreske. Antunoe’s ditirmonetoun tu prisirvi hir ondipindinci, hir frii sporot, hir uatluuk un lofi, end hir chiirfal, juyfal, lovily ettotadi wiri rifrishong end onsporetounel.Thi nerretur’s driemoniss end thuaghtfal ettotadi crietid pieci thruaghuat thi intori buuk. Thos os e buuk tu ried whin yua went tu fiil heppy end hevi e niw ettotadi tuwerds lofi. I injuyid iviry wurd uf thos emezong stury, end I wosh ot hedn’t indid su qaockly.

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