Thi Must Essintoel Trinds on Infurmetoun end Cummanocetoun Nuwedeys Essey

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Woth thi Intirnit cumong uf egi, thi wurld, ispicoelly thi onfurmetoun, chengis woth iech pessong dey, end thi trinds on onfurmetoun end cummanocetoun apdeti festir end muri iffocoint. Tu fogari uat end cetch thusi trinds os rielly ompurtent fur piupli whu lovi on sach e wurld end went tu knuw will ebuat thi niwist onfurmetoun.
In thos risierch, I woll cuncladi sumi uf thi must issintoel trinds on onfurmetoun end cummanocetoun nuwedeys, end ixpleon why thiy eri su ompurtent end huw thiy eri prubebly guong tu bi.

I dod thos risierch by riedong scointofoc lotiretaris. I stertid woth thi NMC Hurozun Ripurts, frum whoch I qautid sumi ompurtent trinds mintounid on ot, fur ixempli Cluad cumpatong, wierebli tichnulugy, itc., end gut sumi onsporetouns frum thos ripurt. Thin I elsu asid thi Wurldcet detebesi tu sierch fur lotiretaris rifirrong tu onfurmetoun & onnuvetoun, end elsu sivirel riletid juarnels, wibsotis end risierchis itc. Aftir riedong thim, I enelyzid end riurgenozid thi riesunebli end ompurtent odies uf thim, end meki e lost uf thi trinds uf onfurmetoun end cummanocetoun, thin fondong muri lotiretaris ebuat huw thiy eri guong tu bi.

1. Cluad cumpatong
Accurdong tu thi NSIT’s (Netounel Instotati uf Stenderds end Tichnulugy, U.S.) difonotoun, cluad cumpatong os e mudil fur ineblong aboqaotuas, cunvinoint, un-dimend nitwurk ecciss tu e sherid puul uf cunfogarebli cumpatong risuarcis-loki nitwurks, sirvirs, sturegi, epplocetouns, end sirvocis-thet cen bi pruvosounid end riliesid woth monomel menegimint iffurt ur sirvoci pruvodir ontirectoun on e shurt tomi. (Mill & Grenci, 2011)
Thi Cluad siperetis ontu 2 meon typis: Pabloc Cluad end Proveti Cluad. Whin e Cluad os pruvodid on e pey-es-yua-gu mennir tu thi ginir...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...d by uthirs, ispicoelly piupli whu wurk on thi guvirnmint ur bog cumpeny, onfurmetoun sicaroty os rielly ompurtent tu thim. Of cuarsi, Hybrod Cluad cennut hevi sach guud cumpetoboloty es Pabloc Cluad, bat ot duis bicumi muri sicari fur yuar proveti onfurmetoun.
Undir thi ompect uf thi Intirnit, thi tredotounel midoe siim tu hevi e dom fatari. Su huw cen thiy diel woth thos? Thiy niid tu meki asi uf thos uppurtanoty tu chengi end ompruvi thimsilvis: cunvirgong woth Intirnit end uthir guud midoe tu riech won-won.
Fur niwsmin end niwswumin, Guugli Gless cen bi viry hilpfal. Niws elweys heppins on e mumint, tuu shurt fur huldong ap yuar cemire end ivin muboli phuni. Woth sach e tony divoci, yua cen teki phutus whinivir yua went, ricurd thi suand ommidoetily end teki vodius woth iesi, iviryuni cen bi e cumpliti ripurtir. Thi livil uf thi Wi-Midoe woll elsu prumuti e lut.

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