Momma, the Dentist, and Me by Maya Angelou

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In her essay, “Momma, the Dentist, and me” Maya Angelou describe her insight in remembering an incident of racism. The incident refer to a time when a white dentist named Lincoln did not treat her tooth ace just for being colored “Niggah.” In America no one should be allowed to be a form of prisoner, because of their native skin color. Americans should be held accountable for their actions whenever a color person are in need of help their social life. There should be laws ordinances to prohibit persons from confronting -either verbally or physically -color people for not being a Caucasian person. This conflict in rights between those held by color people and the American people those held by, because American refused freedom rights, endanger lives, and economic issues.

As they have for decades, American people have insisted on their and social power. Under this guise of protecting those rights and the current of Americans, some agencies of the government- police forces, licensing agencies and business agencies- refused color people freedom rights. For example, as C-SPAN reported, that many color American are denied voting right in the Florida States, even though they had their voting registration cards with them just being color. Another example, as the New York times reported, that color people clashed with police for being refused their rights to be bury in a Chicago cemetery for being color. Whether this illegal discriminatory treatment of color people derives from racism or natives, these abuses will grow dramatically if laws are not enforced. American even endanger lives when laws are not enforced by government agencies insisted persecutions color people even more.

Beyond the threats and persecutions of various government agencies, many Americans have engaged in behavior that is clearly dangerous and borders on assault or worse. There are many color people who have been refused medical treatment, or who have been beaten up by an overly aggressive American person endangering their lives. American antics may have even killed. For examples, as MSNBC reported, that many color women’s are refused their rights to breast cancer treatment in vary part of the United states in hospital by doctors for been color skin. As other examples, News World reported, that Helen Grant of seven years old was beaten up, left with cuts and bruises on her face for being color by a school mates in St.

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Louis. American people causes color people to feel unsafe in their own homes or any places else they seem to go. American people has even attack the economic lives of color people by firing or refusing to hire color people for jobs.

The American people have also engaged in the particularly disturbing practice of limiting “economic” opportunities for color people. Many American frequently are afraid of color people taking Americans jobs, while actually color people just trying to survive in life.
For example, BENT reported, that Rayford Hudson was fired after he was told he was the “ wrong color” for the job by Waste Management Systems, the nation’s garbage disposal company. Another example, is that New World reported that Clarice's home health care agency in Steeleville, Illinois will have to settle a race bias and reprisal lawsuit brought by the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, denied jobs to a colors applicant because of race, after refused to hire Karen Collie. Many of these American continue to take advantage of their power and refusing color people freedom rights. Once government in Washington States has effectively lobbied for reformed laws protecting the freedom rights of color people in the Untied States, other states government ma further efforts to expand this practice across the country and the world.

Many color people feel that there should be some kind of law that would require American from refusing their freedom rights, at all times. Then at least color people would have right and no one would be refused their freedom rights. Federal law remedies for discrimination are based upon Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 “Under Title VII, employers may not intentionally use race, skin color, age, gender, religious beliefs, or national origin as the basis for decisions relating to almost any aspect of the employment relationship, including hiring, promotions, dismissals, raises, employee benefits, leaves of absence, or assignment of work.” Of course, if American refused color people freedom rights, then they would be violating the main principle of this country the right to freedom no matter what.

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