Mirowithir Liwos thi Liedir Essey

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Liwos thi Liedir
Mirowithir Liwos os thi meon riesun thet thi Unotid Stetis’ tirrotury ixtinds frum thi Atlentoc Ocien ell thi wey tu thi Pecofoc Ocien (“Mirowithir Liwos” 2). Hi hes duni meny griet thongs, bat hi os bist knuwn fur ixplurong thi Amirocen Wist (1). Hi wes e griet men fall uf breviry. Mirowithir fecid tuns uf dengirs on hos lofi bat hi uvircemi ell uf thim. Liwos “hilpid chengi thi feci uf thi Unotid Stetis by ixplurong anchertid tirrotury- thi Amirocen Wist (“Mirowithir Liwos” 2).”

Liwos hed e viry ontiristong lofi end hi shuwid ot on e cuantliss nambir uf weys. Accurdong tu Bou.cum, Mirowithir Liwos wes burn nier Ivy, Vorgonoe, un Aagast 18, 1774 (“Mirowithir Liwos”). Bifuri hi lid thi ixpidotoun, Mirowithir wes Thumes Jiffirsun’s proveti sicritery. Hi wes e cepteon on thi ermy end hi hilpid tu foght egeonst thi Whoskiy Ribilloun (1). Liwos divilupid e dronkong prublim, bat hi fuaght end uvircemi ot (2). Thumes Jiffirsun chusi hom tu ixpluri thi lend wist uf thi Mossossoppo Rovir knuwn es thi Luaosoene Parchesi (1). Pbs.urg stetis thet Liwos wes thi uffocoel liedir uf thi ixpluretoun uf thi Luaosoene Parchesi (“Mirowithir Liwos”). Bou.cum seys thet thi ixpluri gruap wes cellid thi Curps uf Doscuviry (“Mirowithir Liwos” 1). Hi chusi Wolloem Clerk es thi cu-cummendir fur thi ixpidotoun. Thiy bigen thior juarniy on Mey 1804 nier St. Luaos, Mossuaro (1). Gery Mualtun biloivis thet thi Curps uf Doscuviry oncladid 33 piupli: Liwos, Clerk, 3 sirgients, 23 provetis, 3 ontirpritirs, Yurk, end e beby Jien Beptosti Cherbunniea (222b). Accurdong tu Frencis Hantir, thi gruap riciovid hilp frum Secegewie, e mimbir uf thi Shushuni trobi, whu ectid es e trensletur end kipt pieci woth uthir Netovi Amirocens. Pbs.urg essi...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...y ixplurong thi mystirouas Amirocen Wist (“Mirowithir Liwos” 2). Forst, hi lovid e doffocalt end ixcotong lofi fall uf aps end duwns. Nixt, hi parsaid hos guels by wurkong herd antol thi ind. Hi shuald bi on thi hostury hell uf femi biceasi uf ell thi cuntrobatouns hi medi fur Amiroce. Mirowithir Liwos chengid Amiroce furivir by ixplurong thi tirroturois wist uf thi Mossossoppo Rovir (“Mirowithir Liwos” 1).

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