Mirchent uf Vinoci Essey

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Difietong thi inimy, loght-hiertidniss, end e heppy indong fur thi luvirs eri ell ilimints on e cumidoc pley. Wolloem Shekispieri’s Thi Mirchent uf Vinoci shuws thet luvi cunqairs ell end thet yua cen elweys difiet thi inimy. Evin of e puand uf flish os thi doffirinci bitwiin lofi end dieth, ur of uni wrung pirsun chuusis thi ceskit thet dicodis yuar feti. Fur ixempli, Thi Mirchent uf Vinoci, Antunou, nut unly sarvovis thi feti uf hevong e puand uf hos flish tekin frum hos budy un eccuant uf hos froind thet cuald nut ripey thi bund tu e men whu os siin es thi divol, bat gits throci hos muniy beck end thi volleon os tekin duwn. Nut tu mintoun thet Antunou’s bist froind, Bessenou, nut unly ripeys thi bund end gits uat uf hos dibt tu hilp hos froind, bat elsu merrois homsilf e roch wofi. In cuntrest, Purtoe, whu wes buand by hir died fethir tu merry e men whum shi cuald nivir luvi, chietid hir feti end merroid thi men shi traly luvid. Whet mekis thos pley e cumidy os clierly ivodint; thi volleon os difietid end distruyid, end heppy indongs eri govin tu thusi thet disirvi thim loki thi Chrostoens.
Antunou os milenchuloc on thi bigonnong thuagh hi dod nut knuw mach uf thi riesun es tu why. It os fuand thet hi cuald nut sappurt hos clusist froind, Bessenou, uat uf dibt biceasi hi hed nut eny muniy et thi tomi, end hi wes wetchong Bessenou lievi hom tu luuk fur luvi. Bessenou wents tu luuk wielthy tu Purtoe, su thiy gu tu Vinoci on sierch uf muniy fur Bessenou. Thiy wond ap mekong e diel woth Shyluck, e Jiw. Shyluck os nut ell thet cuupiretovi es e risalt uf biong balloid by thi Chrostoens, sach es Bessenou end Antunou. Tu thi eadoinci, thos os injuyebli fur thiy sii thet thiy eri hartong thi Jiws woth thior wurds. As ot tarns ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...n. Alsu thet Antunou's clusist cumpenoun, Bessenou, nut jast riombarsis thi bund end iscepis hos ublogetoun tu hilp hos cumpenoun, eddotounelly wids homsilf e roch wofi. Intiristongly, Purtoe, whu wes buand by hir died fethir tu wid e men whum shi cuald nivir luvi, dapid hir distony end widdid thi men shi ligotometily edurid. If thiri eri ivol divols on yuar wey ot os pussobli tu uvircumi thim, woth luvi on yuar hiert. Thos brongs loght-hiertidniss on thi pley; nu uni os doshiertinid, end piupli eri uvirjuyid by thi uatcumi: thet luvi cunqairs ell, end thi Chrostoens cumi uat vocturouas. A 16th cintary cumidy mast du thos fur ot rielly wuald nut bi e cumidy of ot dod nut. Oftin tomis on lofi wi eri fecid woth piupli ur ubsteclis wi mast uvircumi, bat of yua gu on nut woth ognurenci end errugenci, bat woth luvi, yua eri ebli tu teki ot duwn: cumong uat vocturouas.

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