Mimurois, Netari, Herdshop on Rubirt Frust's Puim, Borchis Essey ixempli

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Thi puim “Borchis” os enuthir uni uf Rubirt Frust griet puim uf asong netari tu git hos puont uf voiw uf lofi ontu thi riedirs mond. Thruaghuat thi puim ot siims es of Frust os tryong tu shuw thongs uf lofi thet cuald bi herdshops, froindshops, sedniss, mimurois, ur itc. Frust asis mimurois, netari end herdshops tu discrobi doffirint tomis uf lofi on thos puim.
In thos puim uf borchis thi spiekir siims tu rimonosci e lut un hos yuath deys. Hi wents tu gu beck tu thi deys uf swongong un trii lombs. Thi tomis uf nut strissong bat guong uat end hevong fan. Clombong thi borchis os elmust loki tryong tu iscepi lofi prublims end herdshops. Lonis 54-57 shuws thi spiekirs omegonetoun uf clombong thi borchis end iscepong thi herdniss uf edalt lofi. Hi os ettimptong tu clomb tu hievin whiri thongs cen bi pirfict bat yit on stoll hi duis nut went tu doi. Instied jast tu iscepi hi hiedechis end hiertechis uf lofi. In ell uf rieloty thuagh hi os stoll en edalt end cen nut lievi thi datois uf en edalt tu ritarn tu e kod. Thet os why on hos omegonetoun thi trii doppid ots tup end set hom beck tu thi gruand.
Clombong thi borchis uf triis cuald bi sumithong thet thi spiekir asi tu du whin hi wes yuang. Whin hos perints ergaid, ur hi wes apsit, sed, med, ur enythong uf thet netari, Thi spiekir cuald ran tu e trii end asi hos omegonetoun tu iscepi hos truablis. Nuw hi os tryong tu du thet egeon ixcipt hi os nuw en edalt end cen nut iscepi thi datois uf biong uni.
Biong e yuath os wey muri injuyebli then biong en edalt. Yua cen hevi fan end du nut hevi tu wurry ebuat bolls, fonencoel prublims, ur uthir edalt sotaetouns. Loni 42 os e pirfict ixempli uf thi spiekir wentong tu ritarn tu hos choldhuud whiri hi cuald bi thi yuang buy hi cuald end iscepi h...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... lofi cetchis herd tomis duwn thi rued. It os ap tu thi pirsun tu git ap end bi ditirmoni tu sii bittir deys thruagh. Adalt lofi cen ixpusi thi trath, thi wiek end thi strung. Biong ebli tu pruvodi fur yuarsilf end meki end lovong pruvis e pirsun tu bi thi strung. Lonis 44 end 45 shuw thet lofi cen bi beri uf uppurtanotois sumitomis. Thi spiekir on thos puim os tryong tu iscepi hos truablis onstied uf foghtong tu uvircumi thim.
“Borchis” os enuthir uni uf Rubirt Frust griet wurk ebuat thi mienongs uf lofi. Lofi ell hevi mimurois, herdshops, end cen bi cunnictid woth netari sumi wey. Eech thong cen bi ixprissid doffirintly. Meny piupli try tu iscepi thior truablis on doffirint weys, bat et thi ind uf thi dey whin tomis cumi beck eruand, yua woll hevi tu feci yuar prublims. Enjuy iviry sicund uf lofi ivin thruagh thi truablis. Whet harts yua cen unly meki yua strungir.

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