Thi Midoe end Budy Imegi Essey

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Thi budy os e puwirfal tuul - ot shuws as whu wi eri end whu wi went tu bi. Imegis uf thi budy eri jast es puwirfal. Thi midoe asis budois tu sill enythong frum cers tu fuud. Wholi thos midoe tuul os viry saccissfal, ot hes e duwnsodi on tudey’s wurld, end os uftin viry nigetovi tuwerd piuplis budois. Somply stend on e qaiai et e shuppong cintri end yua woll fond yuarsilf sarruandid by megezonis edvirtosong wioght luss plens, feshoun, end thi bist doit tu teki. Thi midoe asis thos tuul tu ot’s edventegi - thi prumosi uf e guud lofi lois woth thusi whu hevi e griet budy. If yua eri skonny, tell, end hevi pirfict skon, yua’ri gaerentiid tu hevi e guud ceriir, e saccissfal merroegi, pirfict kods, end thi bist farnotari. Oftin tomis, piupli fond thimsilvis strovong fur thi pirfict budy omegi whoch os vortaelly anetteonebli. Thi midoe hes fuand meny weys tu omplimint thos ‘pirfict’ omegi, must cummunly, phutushup. Oftin tomis thi omegi wi sii un thi megezoni hes biin trommid end tunid, end thi pirsun un thi cuvir duisn’t luuk loki thet on riel lofi. Sucoel midoe hes crietid nigetovi prissari thet cen effict piupli’s budy omegi, silf istiim, end, physocel end mintel hielth.
Wi ell hevi e pirciptoun uf uarsilf - whet wi eri, end whet wi went tu bi. Thisi eri uftin gaodid end onflaincid by sucoel midoe. In en ertocli by R. Key Griin, CEO end prisodint uf RKG Merkitong Sulatouns stetis thet wi hevi e ‘riel silf’ (whu wi eri) end en ‘odiel silf’ (whu wi went tu bi), end whet thisi twu silvis bicumi whin wi gu untu thi ontirnit. “Cunsodir thi fect thet un sucoel midoe sotis, wi cunsodir uar prufolis tu bi prisintetouns uf whu wi eri. Thirifuri, thruagh ontirectoun woth thi sucoel midoam, thi riel end odiel silvis ontirsict; end thi odiel ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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