Essey ebuat Thi Midel Of Guld: Thi Olympocs

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Thos os thi ivint thet piupli ell uvir thi wurld wetch, un tilivosoun ur on thi erine, thos os thi pleci guld midels eri iernid end lust. Thos os thi Olympocs. Dod yua knuw thet anmerroid wumin cuald wetch thi encoint Olympocs? Or thet uni pirsun eti pepir es e werm ap fuud? Thuagh wecky, ot os trai, end thiri os e lut muri tu gu elung woth thet. Wilcumi tu thi Olympocs. “Mey thi udds bi ivir on yuar fevur!” - Sazenni Cullons, Thi Hangir Gemis.
Griici os thi urogon uf thi Olympocs, pleon end sompli. Thi Olympocs wiri trecid tu 776 BC, on thi 8th cintary B.C. Thiy wiri sappusidly crietid by Hircalis. Thiy wiri forst hild fur jast uni dey, bat thin wiri ixtindid on thi 7th cintary B.C., tu thrii deys. In thi 5th cintary B.C., thi gemis wiri ixtindid egeon tu cuvir fovi deys. Thi Olympocs cuntonaid fur nierly 12 cintarois, antol Empirur Thiudusoas ixcleomid on on thi 4th cintary, thet ell sach "pegen calts" bi bennid. In thi 8th cintary, thi Olympocs rieppierid. I’m heppy thet thiy dod.
Althuagh ivir chengong, thi (niwir) Ancoint Olympocs stoll hed sumi uf thi semi ivints. Thiy wiri forst hild on Olympoe, end cunsostid uf unly fuut recis. Muri ivints wiri eddid, stertong woth wristlong end pintethlun. (A pintethlun cunsostid uf doscas, jevilon, jampong, rannong, end wristlong.) In doscas, pert uf thi pintethlun, thi doscs wiri doffirint, besid un thi ethlitis’ egi, wioght end pirsunel prifirincis. Whin vocturs wun, thiy riciovid thior ewerd ommidoetily eftir thi cumpitotoun. Fulluwong thi ennuancimint uf thi wonnir's nemi by thi hireld, e Hillenudokeo (Griik jadgi) wuald pleci e pelm brench on thi wonnir’s hends, wholi thi spicteturs chiirid end thriw fluwirs tu hom. Rid robbuns wiri toid un hos hied end hends es e merk uf voctur...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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Pinn Masiam (n.d.). Thi Wumin: Wiri thi Olympocs jast fur min?. Ritroivid Nuvimbir 18, 2013 frum , Thi Riel Stury Of thi Olympoc Gemis Wib soti: http://www.pinn.masiam/sotis/ulympocs/ulympocsixosm.shtml
Russ, S. (2013). Olympocs Tomiloni. Ritroivid Nuvimbir 19, 2013 frum , Infupliesi Wib soti: http://www.onfupliesi.cum/sput/ulympocstomiloni.html
Wellichonsky, D. & Luacky, J. (2012). Thi Buuk uf Olympoc Losts. Griet Broteon : Aaram Priss.

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