The Marketing Strategy For Atlantic Computer Essay

The Marketing Strategy For Atlantic Computer Essay

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This is why the pricing strategy that newcomer, Jason Jowers is working on is so important for the promotion of this new package that is being offered. Atlantic Computer is looking to compete against one of its competitors; Ontario Computer, Inc., who has claimed about 50% of the low-end basic server market. The business consumers will be attracted to the Tronn and PESA because they will need a server that will allow them to keep their employees on the network, while improving operating costs at the same time.

Jason Jowers is concern that during his process of trying to get a pricing strategy in order, he is getting to many opinions from too many people in the company, in senior level positions and from some employees who see a portion of their income based on commission based sales. He will need to focus and make his final decision, based on which pricing strategy, best fits the promotion of the ‘Atlantic Bundle” and helps Atlantic Computer make the most sales overall.

Another concern that Jason Jowers observed, is the fact that during a company marketing kick-off meeting to discuss the Tronn and PESA, all of the following department heads which included: the server division, director of R&D division, director of new product marketing, and the product manager but did not included the director of sales. This has the potential of leading to miscommunication within the organization and create lack of trust. This may have been an informed decision to intentionally leave out the opinion of an employee who sees earnings from commission, this could lead to a lack of cohesion amongst the organization, at a time when they all need to be united to pull this off successfully.

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Some external threats that Atlan...

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..., they need to educate their customers that the “Atlantic Bundle”, is just that a bundle and that the PESA should not be viewed as an add-on when it is combined with the Tronn server. It should be made clear that the bundle is a packaged deal, with one set price that is sold without any free attachments.

The other strategy they have is talking to, this would allow Atlantic Computers, to test run the “Atlantic Bundle”. They are known as an exemplary customer and the information collected at the booth at the SME show could prove to be valuable, since they were looking to purchase four basic servers and cost were two very closely ranked considerations for this customer. This will help Jason Jowers, compare the 4 pricing options that he is developing, that we will consider and see, which is the best option that will best fit their business needs.

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