The Many Benefits of Exercise Essay

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Before you get dressed for work, before you listen to the morning radio, before you drop off any relatives in school, and begin your day, you have the opportunity to enhance your health. Having a morning impulse to exercise along with a weekly routine is one of the best investments we can make in ourselves. I completely agree in the great gratification received after exercising; especially knowing the benefits it has over one's mind and body. We should not be oblivious to any programs or recommendations that belittled the need to exercise. An example of this can be the claims made by weight loss products. The partisan endorsements can lack fair understandings and clear beneficial information related to exercise. With pitched statements like "physical activity not necessary." or "fast fixes" that include claims like "Lose 10 lbs. In one week!" it is easy to misunderstand the meaning between being healthy and looking healthy.
The effects caused by the avoidance in exercising are ambiguous and artificial. This is popular in the position of quick weight loss fixes and dietary supplements. Dietary supplements in general are not FDA approved. The FDA has a warning on their website mentioning it is easier for a company to get a product on the market, than it is for them to remove one from the market! Also, these firms DO NOT need FDA approval before marketing their products. Their marketing strategies used can become successful by excluding information that favor our habits.
Information that includes the importance of combining physical activities with your diet, if you really desire to lose weight and improve your health. Although not all diets are harmful, the short-term methods should not fail to give long-term health benefits. Tw...

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