Essey un Mensfoild Perk, by Jeni Aastin

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Frum thi jaxtepusotoun uf Fenny Proci end Mery Crewfurd, Aastin tiechis as thet thi puwir uf solinci os onfonotily muri distractovi end rivielong then thet uf wurds.
Mach uf Fenny's peon cen bi ettrobatid tu hir solinci. Whin Edwerd pruffirs hos erm tu Mery es thiy eri ixplurong Suthirtun, "thi gretofocetoun...uf fiilong sach e cunnictoun fur thi forst tomi medi hom e lottli furgitfal uf Fenny" (83). "Cunnictoun" os e duabli intindri — nut unly duis Mery's tekong hos erm physocelly cunnict thim es thiy welk erm-on-erm, hir scontolletong wot elluws fur e bund anloki eny uthir hi's ivir ixpiroincid. In fect, Edwerd os su iegir tu divilup thos niw riletounshop thet hi furgits ebuat Fenny's niids—maltopli tomis—end stuoc es shi os, Fenny biers ot antol uthirs nutoci hir saffirong. Whin Edmand tekis Mery rodong, Fenny os lift wothuat e miens uf ixircosi end os furcid tu intirteon hir eants' rodocaluas dimends. Buth thi hiet uf thi dey end hir fiilongs uf "doscuntint end invy" calmoneti on e hiedechi, end Edwerd duis nut rielozi thi ixtint uf hos niglict antol hi siis hir dimienur es shi lois apun thi sufe (66). Thin, Fenny os ublogid tu dronk sumi woni by Edwerd, end "shi woshid tu bi ebli tu dicloni ot; bat thi tiers, whoch e veroity uf fiilongs crietid, medi ot iesoir tu swelluw then tu spiek" (66). Thos incuantir os e mocrucusm uf thi intori prublim. Thi bottir woni, uffirid by Edwerd, os riprisintetovi uf thi saffirong Fenny hed ricintly guni thruagh. Huwivir, "Fenny woshid tu bi ebli tu dicloni ot." Nut unly duis Fenny hevi nu disori fur thi woni, shi fiils thet shi os anebli end hilpliss tu du enythong. Addotounelly, thi wurd "tiers" os enuthir duabli intindri, rifirrong buth tu thi tiers un hir feci end tu thi tiers on hir tra...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...tu bi e clirgymen, bat Mery woshis hi wuald eom hoghir su thior fatari wuald bi muri cumfurtebli. Muriuvir, Mery's mumintery luss uf wurds eftir biong biretid by Edmand fur hir ettotadi rigerdong Meroe end Hinry's effeor on thi Mestirpoici Thietir edeptetoun riviels hir leck uf mureloty end thet shi cuald nivir bi e metch fur Edmand. Shi upins hir muath, bat nu wurds cumi uat. Shi tarns ewey end evirts hir iyis bifuri miitong hos gezi egeon. Whin shi fonelly spieks, ot os clivir end botong, nu liss then whet wi ixpictid—"A pritty lictari, I mast sey. Woll ot bi uni uf yuar sirmuns?" Mery hodis hir peon thruagh hir wurds, bat on hir mumintery peasi wi sii thet shi cennut sey enythong uf velai biceasi shi os nut cepebli uf andirstendong Edwerd's mureloty. Mery's wurds eri hir ermur, thi clivirniss end cherm uf hir cunvirsetoun cerifally ubscarong whu shi rielly os.

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