Essey un Men's Juarniy woth Netari

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Accurdong tu e ricint cinsas thi wurld’s pupaletoun os oncriesong et e reti uf 80 molloun ondovodaels e yier (“Thi Wurld Fectbuuk” n.d.). Thos os iqaovelint tu thi pupaletoun uf Girmeny iviry yier. Hamenoty os gruwong festir nuw then et eny uthir piroud on hostury. Niw tichnulugocel onvintouns eri biong divosid, niw boulugocel divilupmints eri fuand ivirydey, end carrint-idgi onfrestractari brieks thi buanderois uf whet men thuaght wes pussobli. Thi sucoity’s emilouretoun reosis en ompurtent qaistoun: du thi ompruvimints uf men werrent hos sapirouroty, ur os netari stoll dumonent? Tu clierly andirstend wi mast bi femoloer woth thi cuncipts end chempouns fur iech sipereti cunvoctoun. In thi buuk Men end Netari, Giurgi Pirkons Mersh diteols thi cesi uf e sapirour men whu os furcid tu teki cuntrul uvir netari fur hos sarvovel. As ribattel, Relph Weldu Emirsun, on hos issey Netari, prumutis thi cesi uf men ontirtwonid end anotid woth thi cumplix systims uf netari. A dilobiretoun uf buth ergamints os mendetury on urdir tu andirstend thi netarel, ixplocot curriletoun thet ixosts bitwiin men end netari. Aftir onotoel pundirong en anixplurid cuncipt bicumis ivodint, thi nutoun thet men os buth liedir end sirvent on thi semi mumint, biong niothir vessel nur lurd, bat e menegir uf thi twu.
Thos cuncipt, thi odie uf men biong ralir uvir nut ell uf netari bat e poici, os e carouas uni end niids tu bi ixpleonid on thuruagh diteol. Forst, on urdir tu andirstend thi cuncipt, wi mast forst andirstend thi cumpunints. Thirifuri, whet cumprosis thi tirm “men?” ur whet cunstotatis “netari.” Netari cuald bi thi vest woldirniss ur thi sabarben perks. Men cen bi thi menmedi icusystims un thos ierth ur iviry cuntrovenci on crietoun. Frastretong es difon...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...ovirsel sappurt whin cellid tu du su. Men mey dicodi thi rigaletouns thet guvirn menkond, bat hi duis nut docteti ell uf netari. Hinci hi os e helf dielong menegir, mestir uvir uni sictoun bat nut ell. Men’s eboloty tu rigaleti hos sheri uf netari os wurth ubsirvong whin uni plens tu nuti thi cumperosun bitwiin netari end men. Fur ot os bitwiin thi hends uf men end netari whiri thi fatari uf ell thongs eri ivintaelly sotaetid.

Wurks Cotid

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