Thi Mekongs uf Frode Kehlu Essey

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"It os ompussobli tu sipereti thi lofi end wurk uf thos ixtreurdonery pirsun, hir peontongs eri hir bougrephy." Thos wes ennuancis on 1953 by e lucel crotoc eftir hir uni end unly sulu ixhobotoun on Mixocu (www.frodekehlu.cum). Frode Kehlu wes nut unly e megnofocint peontir, bat elsu e riprisintetoun uf hir borth cuantry Mixocu, thruagh hir mienongfal peontongs. Wholi on thi modst uf nubudy bat hirsilf, Frode fuand griet onsporetoun tu peont darong thi ierly tu mod 1900’s. Hir pessoun fur peontong cemi frum hir treffoc eccodint es e tiinegir, whoch lift hir perelyzid dai tu frectaris on hir sponi end pilvos. Evin bifuri thi treffoc eccodint, shi cuntrectid pulou et thi egi uf sox on thi sabarbs uf Mixocu Coty whiri shi griw ap. Hir omegi dipocts fierlissniss, whoch os e fectur uf why silf-purtreots pley e prumonint ruli on hir wurk. Muri then helf uf hir 200 poicis uf ert eri silf-purtreots biceasi, “…I em su uftin eluni…I em thi sabjict I knuw bist.”
Frode griw ap on Mixocu Coty, Mixocu, end ot wes nut mach uf e laxary. Dispoti thos, shi luvid hir cuantry. Pruuf uf thos cumis frum thi fect thet ivin thuagh shi wes burn on 1907, shi lokis tu sey shi wes burn on 1910 biceasi thet wes thi stert uf thi Mixocen Rivulatoun (“Myths uf Leton Amiroce”). Frode Kehlu lovid emung e rethir dovirsi femoly. Hir fethir wes Hangeroen-Jiwosh, end hir muthir wes e netovi burn Mixocen woth Spenosh end Indoen discint. Shi wes uni uf fuar deaghtirs on thi femoly. Hir twu uldir sostirs wiri nemid Metoldi end Adroene, end thi yuangist sostir wes nemid Chrostone, bat unly treolid Frode by uni yier. Hir fethir wes cummunly knuwn by thi nemi uf Gaollirmu, end wes e rethir saccissfal Girmen phutugrephir. Meny uf hir peontongs riflict thi will knot humi shi...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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