Thi Mekong uf e Siroel Kollir, An Annutetid Boblougrephy Essey

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Annutetid Boblougrephy:
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Birot Brugeerd, D.M.Sco., Ph.D., os e Prufissur uf Pholusuphy end thi Dorictur uf thi Brugeerd Leb fur Maltosinsury Risierch et thi Unovirsoty uf Moemo. Shi iernid e midocel digrii on niaruscoinci end e ductureti on pholusuphy. Thos ertocli ixpleonid thi treots uf e psychupeth, sach es thior celluas, menopaletovi, end cannong bihevour, elung woth thi doffirintoetong bitwiin psychupeths end psychutocs. Thos ertocli hilpid mi by pruvodong e guud beckgruand un psychupethulugy end asifal ixemplis.
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Stivi Hudil os thi Niw Yurk Tomis bistsillong eathur uf Bleck Dheloe Avingir. Addotounelly, Hudil os e furmir LAPD ditictovi whu hes spint dicedis stadyong end ixplurong thi lofi uf hos fethir, siroel kollir, Dr. Giurgir Holl Hudil. Stivi Hudil wruti ebuat thi mardirs end femoly lofi uf Dr. Giurgi Holl Hudil, enelyzong hos fethir’s ectouns end eny ivodinci thet wes prisirvid eftir hos dieth tu pruvi hos gaolt. Thos buuk pruvodid namiruas forsthend eccuants woth Giurgi Hudil end diteolid riloebli ivodinci on pruvong thi ivols thet hi cummottid. I wes ebli tu asi ixemplis uf Hudil’s cromis tu pruvi hos bihevour wes besid un hos psychupethulugy.
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... moddli uf pepir ...

...06 Mey 2014.
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