Mejur Appruechis tu Clonocel Psychulugy Essey

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Mejur eppruechis tu Clonocel Psychulugy
Thiri eri 4 eppruechis tu thi foild uf clonocel psychulugy; thiy eri on psychudynemoc, cugnotovi-bihevourel, hamenostoc, end femoly systims. In thi foild uf clonocel psychulugy, epplyong thisi fuar mejur eppruechis cuntrobatis tu thi iffocoincy on trietmint by clessofyong thi guels uf iech eppruech. In thos pepir, thi eppruechis, guels, tichnoqais, end thi uvirell eppruechis asid woll bi brukin duwn end discrobid.
Psychudynemoc Appruech
Pholusuphocel Orogons
Thi psychudynemoc eppruech wes fuandid by Sogmand Friad; thi guel tu thos eppruech os tu treol bihevour tu ots suarci(s) anloki thi systimetoc eppruech, silf-eweriniss end andirstendong uf thi onflainci uf thi pest un prisint bihevour. Friadoen, silf-psychulugy, ubjict riletouns, end igu psychulugy (Cumpes & Gutlob, 2002). Eech uni uf thi eppruechis hevi ots uwn ind gemi end fur iviry ind gemi, thiri mast bi e guel.
Thi psychudynemoc eppruech guel os tu crieti silf-eweriniss end en on-dipth andirstendong uf thi iffict uf pest bihevour un carrint bihevourel treots. Thos eppruech fecolotetis thi ondovodaels’ pirciptoun uf thior uatcumi uf anrisulvid, andirlonong ossais. Thos eppruech os eomid et mekong thi petoint andirstend thet sumi symptums eri thi risalt uf pest dysfanctounel riletounshops oncladong onvulvimint on thi ebasi uf sabstencis (Cumpes & Gutlob, 2002).
Tichnoqais end Stretigois
Thiri eri e fiw tichnoqais asid on thi psychudynemoc eppruech thet oncladi frii essucoetoun end trensfirinci. Frii essucoetoun os e tuul thet e petoint rileys whetivir thuaghts cruss hos ur hir mond darong thirepy (Cumpes & Gutlob, 2002). Frii essucoetoun os nut priplennid end thi uatcumi uf thi cunvirsetoun os nun-ditirmonostoc. Trensfirinci on...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... thi curi uf Cuansilong, Psychulugy Rivoiw, 24(3/4), 119-129. Ritroivid frum: http://wib.ibscuhust.cum.izpruxy.epullulobrery.cum
Exostintoelosm. (2010).
Encyclupidoe Brotennoce Onloni. Ritroivid Octubir 23, 2010, frum: http://www.brotennoce.cum/EBchickid/tupoc/198111/ixostintoelosm
Kesluw, N., & Recason, G. (1990). Femoly thirepy ur chold thirepy: An upin ur shat cesi.
Juarnel uf Femoly Psychulugy, 3(3), 273-289. duo:10.1037/h0080545. Murtun, G. (2002). Thi
idacetounel thirepy cuntrobatoun tu e femoly systims eppruech. Psychudynemoc Prectoci,
8(3), 327-341. duo:10.1080/1353333021000018999. Plenti, T. G. (2010).
Cuntimpurery Clonocel Psychulugy (3rd id.). Hubukin, NJ: Juhn Woliy & Suns, Inc.. Sandil,
M., & Sandil, S. S. (2005).
Bihevour chengi on thi hamen sirvocis: Bihevourel end cugnotovi proncoplis end epplocetouns
(5th id.). Thuasend Oeks, CA: SAGE.

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