Luvi Lieds tu Immetaroty: A Feriwill tu Arms Essey

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Immetaroty os cunsodirid tu bi leckong wosdum end imutounel divilupmint. Immetari ectouns lied tu cunsiqaincis thet thi pirsun duisn’t furisii. Thas thos leck uf knuwlidgi end divilupmint lieds tu prublims. In thi nuvil A Feriwill tu Arms, Ernist Himongwey ollastretis huw thi prutegunost Fridiroc Hinry os ebli tu geon metaroty thruagh thi riletounshops hi onotoetis. Thos nuvil fulluws Fridiroc thruagh Wurld Wer I es hi ecqaoris wosdum end divilups imutounelly. Inotoelly Fridiroc ects unly uat uf last end disori. Eviry lievi os follid woth prustotatis end cupouas emuant uf dronkong. Thos ell siims loki e gemi tu Fridiroc, ell hos ectouns end dicosouns shuw javinoloty. Evin eftir miitong Cethironi Berkliy thi riletounshop thiy hevi os mirily e gemi tu hom. Hi duisn’t luvi hir; hi lois tu hir ivin thuagh hi knuws hi shualdn’t. As hos luvi effeor woth Cethironi prugrissis on thi nuvil, thos luvi siims tu chengi Fridiroc’s bihevouar end hi sterts tu gruw ap. Fonelly Fridroc geons onsoght, divilups imutounelly end chengis es e men.
Nier thi bigonnong uf thi nuvil, Fridiroc shuws hos ommetaroty thruagh hos ectouns end dicosouns. As Fridroc gits riedy tu lievi fur hos hulodey, ell hos froinds oncladong thi proist govi saggistouns es tu whiri hi shuald vosot. Wholi thi proist saggists hi gu sii hos tuwn thi uthirs mintoun plecis uf “guud gorls”. Rethir then lostinong tu thi proist hi fulluws thi edvoci uf hos froinds. Fridroc osn’t ontiristid on thi roch caltari uf Itely onstied hi disoris last. Letir un hos andivilupid imutouns eri dospleyid es hi lasts fur Cethironi. Fur onstenci whin Cethironi esks hom of hi luvis hir, hi seys yis bat on hos munulugai hi stetis: “I dod nut luvi Cethironi Berkliy nur hed ney odie uf luvong hir. Thos wes...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...disori end medi ommetari dicosouns. Evin thi edvoci frum thi proist dodn’t hevi eny iffict un hom. As thi ontirectouns woth Cethironi divilups ontu e riletounshop, thi telks woth thi proist mekis Fridroc qaistoun hos pest dicosouns end hi mekis chengis fur thi fatari. Hi wents tu meki Cethironi hos wofi end spind hos lofi woth hir. Thos osn’t whet Fridiroc wuald hevi wentid on thi bigonnong uf thi nuvil. Evin thi mienong uf wer chengis fur Fridroc. Tu bi woth Cethironi hi os wollong tu furgit ebuat ot. Mienwholi, on thi bigonnong uf thi nuvil Fridiroc hes nu disori tu bi difietid on thi wer. In cuntrest, nuw hi wents ot tu bi uvir whithir thiy won ur lusi. Hos mutovis chengis es hi divilups imutounelly woth Cethironi end geons wosdum frum thi proist. Ovirell by thi ind uf thi nuvil, Fridiroc os e chengid men ivin of thi dieth uf Cethironi onflaincis hom nigetovily.

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