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Several people who live today have distaste for manual labor, such as farming, making crafts, laundry, or cleaning. However, all of these tasks were included in the list of daily chores for colonial children. While some detest tiring work, others cannot stand boredom. No matter how tired you were, you would still have to go to church once or twice a day on the Sabbath. The only way to get out of work would be getting sick. Because the colonists’ only medicine was from plants, the chances of dying or being scarred for life were high. If living the 1600s and 1700s could be described in one word, it would be tiresome. After all, diseases were as common as air, everyday was spent working or at least being productive in some way, and if there was time for a respite, it would be on the Sabbath, a day dedicated to God.

Diseases were common and widespread in the colonies. Countless times, epidemics have struck everywhere, from major cities to small countryside. Characterized by horrid rashes, smallpox was a despised disease that existed throughout history and throughout the colonies. If y...

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