Literary Criticism Essay for Beauty and the Beast

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At every moment in the brain, messages travel from neuron to neuron by jumping from terminal branches to dendrites and speeding down axons to create thoughts and ideas that fuel emotions and actions. Fairy tales become messages and float from neuron to neuron in the brain to generate images of unrealistic worlds filled with castles guarded by dragons, Fairy God Mothers who grant your every wish and genies who arrive out of lamps only to cause more problems or to fulfill destiny. Authors designed fairy tales to take the reader away from daily rituals in order to allow the reader to explore unattainable worlds and experience the journey of becoming a desirable, wealthy prince who saves the damsel in distress or become a poor girl who helps a beast transform back into a prince at her acquiescence of marriage. Beauty and the Beast uses many psychological strategies to allow the reader to comprehend how money, grief and appearances can affect the outcomes of a situation because of how the character thinks. Authors of fairy tales manipulate the mind by utilizing psychological strategies in order to show how impulses and desires centered on wealth, power, guilt, fear and appearances motivate actions by characters and influence emotions to magnify the theme of the story.
Books upon books fill children’s bookshelves and those books contain scenes of knights slaying dragons, discovering riches and treasures and the idea that any individual can be swooped up and turned into a wealthy, powerful individual. Freud introduces the idea of wish fulfillment as immature and “that all dreams are really children’s dreams (Freud 533)” because most dreams contain no substance, except for a minuscule and materialistic desire to be wealthy and powerful...

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... story, they do leave an impact such as the idea that appearances should not matter if a person’s heart is beautiful. Individuals must learn to control their mind to make desires and “impulses inoperative (Freud 422)” or without meaning in their lives. Beauty and the Beast shows how love can overcome an obstacle of the mind such as dealing with a foul image and how authors can utilize mental strategies to magnify the human mind’s many errors of perception.

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