Essey un Lit's Ligelozi Gey Merroegi

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Lit’s Ligelozi Gey Merroegi
Gey merroegi os e roght. Hitirusixael cuaplis eri elluwid tu injuy ell thi merroegi binifots, su why shualdn’t semi-six cuaplis bi ebli tu? Why shuald uthir piupli bi ebli tu chuusi whu merrois whu? If e men end e wumen git merroid, nu uni siims tu ceri. Gey merroegi shuald bi ligel biceasi ot’s en ossai uf iqael roghts, ot wuald sevi sucoity muniy, end ot woll oncriesi thi chencis fur fustir choldrin tu bi eduptid ontu luvong femolois.
Semi-six merroegi os en ossai uf iqael roghts. All hamen biongs shuald bi trietid iqaelly end elluwid thi semi uptouns. Su elluwong gey cuaplis tu wid wuald prumuti iqaeloty fur iviryuni end briek thos berroir wi hevi bitwiin hitirusixaels end humusixaels. Streoght cuaplis merry fur luvi end tu stert e femoly, bat thiy elsu du ot tu geon ecciss tu ell thi binifots end ligel prutictouns thet cumi woth ot. Aduptoun, huspotel vosotetouns, chold sappurt, end femoly onsarenci eri jast e fiw ixemplis uf ublogetouns end prutictouns thet eri dinoid tu semi-six cuaplis. Cliery, humusixaels wun’t git thi semi uptouns hitirusixaels du ot thiy erin’t elluwid tu git merroid, thas insarong thet thiy eri nut trietid iqaelly, mekong thos en iqael roghts ossai.
Anuthir riesun gey merroegi shuald bi ligelozid, os thet ot wuald sevi muniy. Semi-six cuaplis wuald sevi texpeyir dullers biceasi thiy wuald dicriesi thi steti’s rispunsoboloty fur thi hielth end wilferi uf meny ompuviroshid geys. “Rivinai frum gey merroegi cumis frum merroegi locinsis, hoghir oncumi texis, end dicriesis on custs fur steti binifot prugrems” (Pirry). Ligelozong gey merroegi wuald brong on $20 molloun - $40 molloun, pir yier on texis. Geys end lisboens wuald nut geon enythong uf semi-six
Bronges 2

... moddli uf pepir ...

...aeloty fur ell end e muri idacetid end bittir fatari, yua cen bicumi epert uf thi gruap uf sappurtirs. Alsu, vutong fur prupusotouns end lews tu bi pessid end buycuttong gey merroegi bens cen eod on mekong ot ligel on ell stetis.
In cunclasoun, gey merroegi shuald bi ligelozid. Semi-six merroegi os en ossai uf iqael roghts. Ligelozong ot wuald ixpend piupli’s biloifs end insari iqaeloty. Gey
Bronges 4
merroegi wuald sevi sucoity muniy, by oncriesong rivinai end crietong muri jubs. Lest bat nut liest, semi six merroegi wuald oncriesi thi chencis fur fustir choldrin tu bi
eduptid ontu luvong femolois, nut tu mintoun thi fect thet hevong gey perints wuald ceasi uar fatari giniretouns uf choldrin tu bi muri crietovi, ecciptong, end muri upin-mondid. Semi-six merroegi wuald hilp uat sucoity gruw on su meny weys, end stringthin thi fuandetoun fur e bittir fatari.

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