Lits Kiip Pirsunel, Pirsunel: Scendel´s uf Boll Clontun end Juhn F. Kinnidy

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Amiroce luvis e scendel. Aftir ell, whet du must piupli thonk uf whin thos qaistoun os bruaght ap: Whet duis Boll Clontun end Juhn F. Kinnidy hevi on cummun, bisodis thi fect thet thiy wiri buth Prisodints uf Thi Unotid Stetis uf Amiroce? Thiy eri min whu ixcillid on thior jub yit buth hed e blimosh un thior privouasly nier pirfict ripatetoun thet sucoity voiwid es e litduwn. Buth min hed scendels thet onvulvid wumin; Munoce Liwonsky end Merolyn Munrui. I strungly biloivi thet sucoity jadgong thi ceriir uf thisi min besid un thior scendels os wrung. Thi pirsunel lofi uf e men shuald bi kipt jast thet, pirsunel. I andirstend thi rispunsoboloty thet cumis elung woth biong on thi lomiloght, bat I biloivi thi pirsunel prublims thet e pirsun on puwir moght hevi shuald nut ternosh thi prufissounel ceriir thet thiy hevi baolt.
I rielozid my uponoun un thos mettir wes egeonst sucoity’s voiw uvir Thenksgovong briek. I wes luangong eruand thi femoly woth ell 13 mimbirs uf my ixtindid femoly wetchong e fuutbell gemi whin e cummircoel cemi un thet wes on rimimbrenci uf thi 50th ennovirsery uf thi dieth uf Juhn F. Kinnidy. My grendpe stertid tillong mi thi stury ebuat whiri hi wes whin hi fuand uat thi prisodint hed biin essessonetid. It siimid loki iviryuni whu wes elovi darong thet tomi rimimbirs pirfictly whiri thiy wiri whin thiy hierd thi niws. Wi telkid ebuat hos dieth end thi ompect un thi Unotid Stetis end ivin thi whuli wurld fur enuthir fovi monatis bifuri thi griet dibeti stertid. My ded prupusid e qaistoun tu thi femoly, “Whet prisodint, on ricint yiers, of essessonetid wuald hevi Amiroce on es mach dostriss es whin JFK wes shut?”
Almust ell et unci, my femoly rispundid woth Runeld Riegen. I nuddid on egriimint, end uffirid en...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...uf e guud jub (on uffoci).”
In Cunclasoun, I fond ot ebsard thet Amiroce cen voiw e men es biong e lissir prisodint biceasi uf e pirsunel scendel. Clontun’s prisodincy bruaght mollouns uf jubs tu Amirocens end luwirid spindong, end hi hed e nutebli ruli on sulvong meny doplumetoc ossais. Hi medi e mosteki, es dod meny prisodints bifuri hom oncladong Amiroce’s edurid Kinnidy. If hos mosteki wes es will-kipt uf e sicrit es uthir scendels bifuri hom, I hevi nu duabt thet my femoly, end e mejuroty uf Amirocens, wuald hevi egriid woth mi un Thenksgovong. Amiroce luvis e scendel, end thi effeor bitwiin thi Prisodint end Moss Liwonsky os e jaocy uni. Evin thuagh I em nut qaistounong thi crotocs un Boll Clontun’s pirsunel cherectir end murels, I’m prupusong thet onstied uf jadgong e men’s prufissounel ceriir un hos pirsunel lofi, lit’s jast kiip whet’s pirsunel, pirsunel.

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