Leonardo da Vinci: The Most Influential Man of His Time Essay

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In the period of the Renaissance and the age of enlightenment, the world saw many a great mind. Without their inventions, modern life would look nothing like it does today. Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Medical advancements, aerial designing, modernization, musical compositions, and artistic masterpieces are among the many amazing outcomes of this time period. Due to all of his amazing achievements in science, technology, and art, Leonardo da Vinci is the most influential and significant man of his time.
One of Leonardo’s most significant fields of work was in inventing. His inventions include rudimentary designs of the parachute, helicopter, diving suits, cannons, tanks, aerial screws, ball bearings, and self propelled carts. The parachute was sealed linen, with a pyramid-shaped frame. The helicopter was a wood-framed, with propellers coming out from the top. The diving suit made of heavy bronze, with a large, somewhat thin screen of metal. The cannon was a triple barreled, long bronze frame used with gunpowder. The tank was a ...

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