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Legend of the Body in the Bed

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Body in the Bed

The legend of the “Body in the Bed” has been retold over and over again for years. It is a very popular story, usually taking place at a hotel or motel in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, or in a remote location in the desert nearby (“Strange Smells from the Hotel Bed”). Various “spin-offs” and variations to the legend have arisen since its inception, believed to be in the early 1990s. Many examples supporting the legend have come to the surface over time. They provide a possible explanation to the origin of the legend. The version I collected was told to me by my girlfriend, on March 29th. She has been fascinated by urban legends since as far back as she can remember. Although she recounted several legends to me, I chose this particular one because it was my favorite. Before retelling the legend, she told me that I could easily find this story online. However, I told her that I would prefer if she retold it in the manner she first heard it. Her version of the legend goes as follows:

A man traveling on a business trip arrived at a motel, checked in, and ...

... middle of paper ... pleasures blindly, for we may be missing what is really going on directly under our noses.

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