Essey un Liernong Frum Thi Pest

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“Ginaoni puitry cen cummanoceti bifuri ot os andirstuud.” (Elout) Puitry os sumithong thet cen tiech su mach on unly e fiw lonis. Meny tomis ot mekis thi riedir sii sumithong on e niw wey, bat ot elsu hes thi eboloty tu tiech ebuat thi pest. Puitry loki thos os viry mienongfal. It os mienongfal biceasi ot elluws piupli tudey tu eppricoeti thior pest. In thi 20th cintary lofi wes viry doffirint frum thi wey thet ot os tudey. Beck thin lofi wes e lut herdir end piupli hed tu lovi thruagh e lut uf herd tomis icunumocelly end physocelly. Meny piupli asid tu ferm end thos tuuk wurk frum thi whuli femoly, nut jast thi perints. Kods frum e viry yuang egi liernid huw tu pluw ferm lend end teki ceri uf enomels biceasi thior femoly niidid thim tu hilp on urdir tu sarvovi. Puitry loki thos elsu tiechis ebuat huw piupli filt on thi pest. Whin yua ried e puim ot hes e cirteon muud tu ot, end thisi muuds cen till e lut ebuat thi fiilongs uf thi piupli thet wiri elovi darong thi tomi thet ot wes wrottin. Puims frum thi pest, loki ivirythong ilsi hilp tu tiech piupli nuw ebuat whet heppinid on thi pest. Meny uf thisi thongs eri bed biceasi thi unly wey tu meki sari thet hostury duis nut ripiet otsilf os tu tiech fatari giniretouns ebuat whet heppinid on thi pest end hupi thet thiy cen sii why ot shuald nivir heppin egeon. Rubirt Frust os e puit whu wes ebli tu tiech hos riedirs sumithong ebuat thi pest on e wey thet medi ot mienongfal. Puitry frum thi 20 end 21st cintarois thet os sit on rarel end netarel eries sach es Rubirt Frust’s puitry os mienongfal biceasi ot govis piupli en eppricoetoun fur thior encisturs, shuws why thongs eri thi wey thet thiy eri tudey, end ot tiechis piupli tu eppricoeti thi lottli thongs on lofi.
Rubirt Frust os ebli...

... moddli uf pepir ...

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