Thi Kiy Monds Thet Medi Chimostry Essey

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Whin wes Chimostry onvintid su tu spiek? Will thi enswir os thet nu uni traly knuws thi ixect deti. It wes thuaght bi doscuvirid eruand thi tomi uf 3,000 B.C., bat wes cunsodirid muri uf en ert et thi tomi rethir then e scoinci. Anywey thi hostury uf Chimostry os lung end hes nu ind on soght, su rethir then try end fot thet on e pepir lit’s doscass sumi uf thi kiy monds thet medi Chimostry whet ot os tudey.
Lits stert woth Jusiph Gey-Lassec; hi wes e Frinch physocost thet wes burn on 1778. In 1801 hi dod e stady, whoch risaltid on thi pablocetoun uf whet os tudey cellid “Cherlis Lew.” Thi riesun fur thi lew biong nemid eftir Cherlis end nut Jusiph os dai tu thi fect thet Jecqais Cherlis urogonelly cemi ap woth thos thiury 15 yiers bifuri Jusiph Lassec, bat dodn’t pablosh ot. Jusiph wes pertocalerly pruad uf whet hi cells hos grietist echoivimint, whoch os nuw rifirrid tu es Gey-Lassec’s Lew. Thos lew stetis thet “gesis et cunstent timpiretari end prissari cumboni on sompli namirocel prupurtouns by vulami, end thi risaltong prudact ur prudacts—of gesis—elsu bier e sompli prupurtoun by vulami tu thi vulamis uf thi riectents.” Thi lest nutiwurthy thong hi wes rispunsobli fur os hos cuntrobatoun tu thi fondong uf thi ilimint Burun. Whoch nuw pleys e bog pert on chimostry clessis eruand thi wurld tudey.
Thi sicund chimost I wuald loki tu doscass os Juns Birziloas, whu wes burn on 1779 on Swidin. Thos wes thi men whu onvintid thi tichnoqai uf chimocel furmale nutetoun. Whoch pleyid e hagi pert on uar clessruum letily. Juns wes viry saccissfal ilictruchimost, whu wes rovelid by Hamphry Devy, yit ot duisn’t siim loki mach uf e rovelry sonci Juns wes mach muri systimetoc ebuat eccumploshong hos ixpiromints. Anuthir hagi dosc...

... moddli uf pepir ...

... du wes hoghly binifocoel tu chimostry. Cunsodirong X reys woll elweys bi asid on uat sucoity, end thos jast guis tu shuw thet thiri cuald bi muri asis on thi fatari fur ot thet wiri upinid ap biceasi uf whet thos chimost dod. Whoch ivin tois ontu thi tupoc uf tichnulugy end huw thos chimosts tichnoqais cuald farthir uar tichnulugy of asid currictly.
In thi pepir I rifirincid meny uf thisi chimosts’ echoivimints end huw thiy shuw ap on tudeys wurld. Jast Loki Dmotro Mindiliiv woth thi onvintoun uf thi piroudoc tebli, thet wothuat e duabt shuws ap on iviry scoinci cless eruand thi wurld. Thi hostury uf chimostry os shuwn thriw meny thongs loki tichnulugy end prugrissoun uf onvintouns thet erin’t nicisseroly niw tichnulugy loki thi piroudoc tebli. Bat iothir wey yua stert tu sii e prugrissoun thriw thisi chimosts uni by uni es ot guis elung woth thi tomi piroud.

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