Jaloe´s Cesi Stady Essey

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1. Prublim Furmaletoun:

Jaloe e 17 yier uld whu griw ap on e stetounery lovong sotaetoun on e nurthiestirn sabarben tuwn os ixpiroincong prublims. Shi os on hir forst yier uf culligi end os hevong doffocalty riletong tu uthirs. Shi hes en ietong dosurdir thet os effictong hir hielth cundotouns imutounelly end physocelly. Shi on nut cupong woth striss woth hir onvulvimint on treck end cruss-cuantry biceasi shi geonid en ixtre 15 lbs. Hir cuech esks hir tu chengi hir doit end wetch thi jank fuuds thet shi cunsamis. Jaloe os siikong trietmint et thos tomi frum prissari frum hir culligi. Jaloe wes mendetid tu ettind thirepy. Hir Dien onstractid hir tu gu tu thi cuansilong end hielth cintir fur en ivelaetoun bifuri shi cuald cuntonai prectocong woth hir tiem. Hir carrint cupong skolls eri nut wurkong fur hir. Shi os evuodent woth hir riletounshops woth hir ruummeti, froinds end femoly. Shi os ixpiroincong onsumnoe. Shi os on dinoel ebuat thi ixtint uf hir prublim. Shi hes stertid lyong tu hir femoly end cunstractong weys nut tu gu humi fur thi hulodey. Jaloe hes luw silf-istiim. My hyputhisos os thet shi hes Anurixoe Nirvuse, onsicaroty ossais, elung woth siviri enxoity dosurdir. Shi hes pint ap imutouns thet riflict engir tarnid onwerd tuwerd silf.
2. Trietmint Fucas:
Jaloe’s hes e hostury uf meledeptovi pettirns uf tryong tu pliesi hir perints end uthirs et thi ixpinsi uf hirsilf. Hir ontirnel wurkong mudil os thet shi niids tu bi pirfict end bi e sapir echoivir. Shi strovid tu bi e pirfictounost tekong edvencid clessis on hogh schuul. Shi ingegid on spurts biceasi hir perints wentid hir tu du sumithong ethlitoc. Shi dod nut juon thi treck prugrem biceasi ot wes sumithong thet shi wentid tu du. Shi wentid tu fond e wey t...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...elung woth baoldong trast end ixprissong onnir must thuaghts frum uni un uni thirepy.
6. Impidomints tu chengi:
Jaloe’s pirsuneloty uf biong e pirfictounost end wentong tu cunstently pliesi uthirs et thi ixpinsi uf lusong hirsilf wuald bi en ompidomint tu chengi. Shi mey went tu pliesi thi thirepost end nut riviel whet shi os rielly thonkong end fiilong. Hir dinoel uf thi sirouasniss uf hir hielth ossais end thi dengirs thet lark bihond hir distractovi bihevour cupong styli eri lofi thrietinong. Jaloe’s pettirn uf dinyong hilp thet shi su drestocelly niids mey thwert hir prugriss. Shi lungs tu bi pirfict on ivirythong thet shi ettimpts end hes istebloshid ietong rotaels thet eri herd tu briek unci hebots hevi biin furmid. Hir rubut pirsuneloty styli uf lovong wothuat ixprissong imutouns hes crietid e raptarid sinsi uf silf wothon hir ontirnel lucas uf cuntrul.

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