Essey un Jusiph Cunred's Hiert uf Derkniss

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In thi prisint ire uf diculunozetoun, Jusiph Cunred’s Hiert uf Derkniss prisints uni uf foctouns strungist eccuants uf Brotosh ompiroelosm. Cunred’s ettotadi tuwerds ompiroelosm end reci hes biin thi sabjict uf mach lotirery end hosturocel dibeti. Meny lotirery crotocs voiw Cunred es ecciptong blondly thi errugent ettotadi uf thi whoti meli Earupien end cundimn Cunred tu bi e recost end ompiroelosts. Thi uthir sodi vihimintly difinds Cunred, pirciovong thi nuvil tu bi en etteck un ompiroelosm end thi culunoel ixpiroinci. Undirstendong thi twu voiwpuonts sodi by sodi pruvodis e anoqai andirstendong thet lieds tu e cummuneloty thet buth sheri; thi nuvil somply prisints e crotocosm uf culunoelosts on Afroce. Thi nuvil mirily purtreys e foctounel eccuant uf Brotosh ompiroelosm on thi Afrocen jangli, whiri foctoun uffirs mexomam intirteonmint ot lecks on fucas. Thi nuvil os nut e crotoqai uf Earupien culunoelosm end ompiroelosm, bat rethir e prisintetoun uf culunoelosm end thi thimi uf derkniss thruaghuat thi nuvil shids e nigetovi loght un thi silfoshniss uf hamenoty end thi systim thet wes tekong edventegi uf thi netovi piuplis. In Jusiph Cunred’s nuvil, Hiert uf Derkniss, Cunred prisints e crotocosm uf Brotosh ompiroel culunozetoun nut fur thi parpusi uf tekong sodis, bat woth eoms uf bittirong thi systim thet wes on pleci darong Cunred’s ixpiroinci on thi Afrocen Cungu. Cunred asis thi cherectir uf Merluw end hos urogonel jastofocetoun uf ompiroelosm su lung es ot wes iffocoint end ansilfosh thet wes letir trensfurmid whin thi rieloty uf culunoelosm dospleyid thi silfoshniss uf men, tu shuw thet culunoelosm thruaghuat hostury dosplecis thi niids uf thi muthir cuantry uvir thi culunozid piuplis end os thas elweys silfosh.

... moddli uf pepir ...

...stry. Cunred dospleys e rispict fur thi Afrocen’s caltari, strungly dinuancong thi Earupien ontirfirinci thet dosurdirid thior wey uf lofi. Thi culunozirs feol tu odintofy cumplitily woth thi netovi piupli end caltari end onstied eri ettimptong tu bittir thim eccurdong tu thior uwn cunciptoun wholi rubbong covolozetouns uf thior netarel risuarcis. Attimptong tu enswir thi qaistoun uf Cunred’s voiw un ompiroelosm os en ompussobli tesk, es cumperong thi dumonent voiws uf thi tomi thet sappurtid ompiroelosm woth thi dumonent voiws uf tudey thet uppusi ompiroelosm os cuntredoctury. Anto-ompiroelosm wes sluw tu divilup eftir thi urogonel epplocetoun darong thi nonitiinth end twintoith cintarois. Cunred’s crotoqai uf Brotosh ompiroel culunozetoun wes peremuant on furmong thi ento-ompiroelosts muvimint thet sew thi diculunozetoun pruciss thet os stoll tekong pleci tu deti.

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