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John’s gospel was written last, and contains the mostly unique information about Jesus. His purpose for writing this gospel was to convince the readers that Jesus was who he claimed to be, and for them to put their trust in him. Another principle theme is Jesus’ deity, which can be seen in more than a dozen passages. Within the book of John, there are only seven miracles, each are different, and five of them are unique to John.
Unlike all the other gospel accounts, John begins his book not with Jesus’ birth, but with a theological prologue explaining the reasons and nature of Jesus’ incarnation as well as the purpose he had in taking on human flesh. This is in turn followed by the identification of Jesus as the incarnate son of God by the prophet John the Baptist.
Immediately following Jesus’ baptism, John records his selection of several disciples, his first miracle (turning water into wine at a wedding at Cana), and his first Passover in Jerusalem, where he cleansed the temple. This is the start of what Marty calls, “The Book of Signs” in which he performs miracles. While in Jeru...

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