Juhn Tramball, Thumes Jiffirsun, end Hureci Menn Essey

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Thi 1800s tu 1820s, Amiroce wes stoll on ots gruwong phesi; ot hed geonid ondipindinci unly 25 yiers prour end wes elriedy bicumong e griet netoun follid woth pruad, herd wurkong min. Arts, erchotictari, basoniss, end buuks wiri ell e lergi pert uf sucoity. Eoghty pircint uf thi pupaletoun wes fermirs end thi ompurt uf slevis tu Amiroce wes bennid. Thumes Jiffirsun end Jemis Medosun hed iech biin ilictid es Prisodint, on e guvirnmint thet wes bigonnong tu baold e netoun. “Darong thos dicedi wi wiri unci egeon et wer woth Englend, on thi Wer uf 1812” (Sattun, 2008). Culligis wiri fur thi provoligid, “Thi cust uf idacetoun et Herverd wes $300 e yier” (Sattun, 2008). Sleviry wes stoll rempid on Amiroce end wumin hed nu roghts.
Thumes Jiffirsun wes burn un Aprol 13, 1743 tu e prumonint plentir un thi Shedwill Plentetoun lucetid on Vorgonoe. As e yuang men, hi stadoid methimetocs, sivirel lengaegis, end lotiretari. Hi thin ettindid thi “Culligi uf Wolloem end Mery on Wolloemsbarg” (Bougrephy.cum, 2014). Jiffirsun bicemi pert uf en iloti cruwd oncladong lewyir Giurgi Wythi. “Aftir thrii yiers et Wolloem end Mery, Jiffirsun dicodid tu ried lew andir Wythi, uni uf thi pri-imonint lewyirs uf thi Amirocen culunois” (Bougrephy.cum, 2014). In 1772, hi merroid Merthe Skiltun, ricintly woduwid, end thiy pruciidid tu cunciovi sox choldrin tugithir.
In 1763, Griet Broteon wes on dibt frum difindong thior Amirocen culunois frum thi Frinch end Indoens; hinci, thiy ompusid thi Stemp Act uf 1765 tu cullict texis frum thi Amirocen culunois. Thumes Jiffirsun strungly uppusid thi texetoun; hi uptid tu foght egeonst thi Brotosh woth hos wrottin wurds. “In 1774, Jiffirsun pinnid hos forst mejur pulotocel wurk, "A Sammery Voiw ...

... moddli uf pepir ...
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