John Adams versus John Quincy Adams Essay

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Even though John Adams (1735-1826) and John Quincy Adams (1767-1848) were father and son, also they were our President in the United States but they are not the same. The differences are their early lives, the early political career, and major presidential actions.
The early lives of John Adams and John Quincy Adams are different. John Adams?s father, who also named John, sent his son ? young Adams to Harvard College at age fifteen, and he expected him to become a minister. His father was working hard to make young Adams?s life different than his own which was to become an educated person. However, John Adams did not want to become a minister. After he graduated in 1755, he taught school for few years in Worcester, and that allowed him to think about his career choice. After much reflection, he decided to become a lawyer, and studied law in the office of James Putnam, a prominent lawyer in Worcester. In 1758, he was admitted to the bar. He put the skill to good use as a lawyer, often recording cases he observed so that he could study and reflect upon them. His report of the 1761 argument of James Otis in the superior court of Massachusetts as to the legality of Writs of Assistance is a good example. On the other hand, John Quincy?s father which is John Adams did not push him to become a minister. Moreover, John Adams brought young Adams to France (1778 ? 1779) and to the Netherlands (1780 ? 1782) to acquire his early education at institutions at the University of Leiden. John Adams let his son explored the world more than his own father did. At age fourteen, young Adams accompanied Francis Dana on a mission to St. Petersburg, Russia, to gain recognition to the new republic. He also spent time in Finland, Sweden, Den...

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... appointed him. He felt he deserve credit for helping to set this country on the right path towards freedom, prosperity, and loyalty to the country. Although they might not appreciate it now, his confident future generations will follow his lead to make this country the best it can be. For that generation he could offer this, once you set your goals, never give up. He had numerous jobs as minister and ambassadors to many different countries before he finally won the election to become the President. The path he traveled was not easy, but I think he believed his hard work paid off. I think if he still alive today he would probably take revenge on all those crooked politicians he had been hearing about who take bribes and shred confidential documents. They deteriorate the fabric this country was built on, and it will be a long time before it is fully repaired.

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