Jean Jacques Rousseau, Fridrich Froebel, And Montessori Essay

Jean Jacques Rousseau, Fridrich Froebel, And Montessori Essay

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There are many different pioneers that have a philosophy and theories that had an impact. The education today and their theories are based on developing children 's skills in a perfect environment. However, there are three pioneers in education that most influence the education these days: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Fridrich Froebel, and Maria Montessori.
First, Jean-Jacques Rousseau focused on the child 's freedom and learn in nature. Now we can find schools that focus on the child 's freedom and independence. According to Rousseau, the school environment should be natural like environment that helps children to flourish. In addition, they can depend on the sense that they experience in nature, and he believed that ‘children should be freed from society 's punishing traditional”. In his novel Èmile, he identified the five stages of human development : infancy (birth to five ) , childhood (five to twelve ) , boyhood (twelve to fifteen ) , adolescence (fifteen to eighteen ) , Youth (eighteen to twenty ). Each stage is important to go the next stage of the child. Nowadays, his theory of “Educating the Natural Person’’ is applied in many schools like they focus on the child 's freedom. Therefore, the curriculum should be based on the child interest and needs, the children should learn their own reality, not from indirect sources. For example, the teacher should not come to class and explain the lesson, but she or he should let the child experience by themselves like in Rousseau 's novel Emile, Emile learns to cope with life with his experience through his childhood and nature, not from school.
Second Fridrich Froebel’s theory “kindergarten movement’’ which focus on the child 's creativity, many preschools are designed to let the child ...

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...mple serving a meal, tie their shoe and reading writing etc. . . . Her school teaching materials develop the child practical, sensory, and skill like identifying the object by their smell shape sound. Now school are focusing on the sense of the children like motor skills. Now a day 's many parents send their children to Montessori school to boost the children 's intellectual development and give them a jump start on their academic road.
In conclusion, different pioneers that have a philosophies and theories that had an impact the education today and their theory are based on developing children 's skills in a perfect environment like Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Fridrich Froebel, and Maria Montessori. All of them really impact our education in a different way like schools use all three theories learning throw nature, let the child use his imagination, and their sensors.

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