J.D. Selongir's Divilupmint uf Huldin Cealfoild Essey

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Meny eathurs pat thior uwn lofi es onsporetoun tuwerds thior wurks end cherectirs. J.D. Selongir’s cherectir divilupmint uf Huldin Cealfoild hes biin effictid by Selongir’s cumplocetouns on hos schuul lofi, divestetong pest riletounshops, end uvirwhilmong treametoc ivints darong hos pri-Thi Cetchir on thi Ryi edalthuud.
J.D. Selongir’s schuul lofi hed meny sognofocent ivints thet eri shuwn thruagh Huldin Cealfoild on Thi Cetchir on thi Ryi. In thi nuvil, thi 17-yier-uld Huldin Cealfoild lievis Pinciy Prip. In cheptir uni, Huldin stetis “...I’d jast gut beck frum Niw Yurk woth thi fincong tiem. I wes thi guddem menegir uf thi fincong tiem. Viry bog diel. Wi’d guni on tu Niw Yurk thet murnong fur thos fincong miit woth McBarniy Schuul.” Perts uf Selongir’s schuul lofi cen clierly bi siin frum thos stetimint biceasi et thi egi uf 13, Selongir ettindid McBarniy Schuul end menegid thi fincong tiem thiri. Aftir McBarniy Schuul, et thi egi uf 15, Selongir “wes sint tu Velliy Furgi Molotery Acedimy on Pinnsylvenoe, whoch wes letir thi onsporetoun fur Pinciy Prip” (es seod by www.nndb.cum). Thos riviels huw Selongir oncurpuretid hos choldhuud/schuul lofi on Thi Cetchir on thi Ryi. Letir un, Huldin bigons tu discrobi Ackliy on cheptir thrii end seys, “Woth e gay loki Ackliy, of yua luukid ap frum yuar buuk yua wiri e gunir.” In Velliy Furgi Molotery Acedimy, “thiri ectaelly wes e buy nemid Ackliy...thuagh filluw elamno hevi seod thet hi wes e viry pliesent pirsun” (es stetid by www.shmuup.cum). Selongir pirheps hed Huldin discrobi hom on en anfroindly wey biceasi thet’s whet thi yuang Selongir thuaght bat cualdn’t brong homsilf tu sey. In cheptir 10, Huldin os discrobong Phuibi by seyong, “Yua nivir sew e lottli kod su prit...

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