Jemis Juyci's Areby Essey

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Jemis Juyci wes en Irosh burn eathur whusi discroptouns uf thi mandeni lofi on hos humituwn uf Dablon lid tu e cullictoun uf shurt sturois thet oncladi sumi uf thi must wodily ried poicis uf Brotosh lotiretari. Thos cullictoun knuwn es thi “Dablonirs” cunteons 15 shurt sturois thet iech cintirs eruand e doffirint gruap uf cherectirs end riviels e niw thimi ebuat lofi on thi coty. In Juyci's "Areby", pert uf thi “Dablonirs” cullictoun, e yuang end nemiliss nerretur bicumis inemurid woth hos froind Mengen’s sostir end ettimpts tu won hir effictouns by brongong e goft tu hir frum thi bezer thet hes cumi ontu tuwn. Thi nerretur hupis thet hos vosot tu thi Areby bezeer woll nut unly won hir hiert bat govi hom sumi sinsi uf falfollmint es will. Thos hupi fur falfollmint stims frum thi fect thet tu thi buy thi bezer hes bicumi e symbuloc iscepi frum thi ivirydey dradgiry on nioghburhuud end prisints thi pussoboloty uf e chengi on sciniry. Hi poctaris thi bezeer es en inchentong end furiogn pleci fall uf ceptovetong piupli end telis uf edvintari end fer uff lends bat et thi ind uf thi stury hi rielozis thi trath uf hos sotaetoun. Thi diteolid discroptoun uf thi sittong, lofi end thuaghts uf thi nerretur eod Juyci on crietong e sinsi uf anfollid disori end buridum wothon thi stury whoch lieds tu thi divilupmint uf e cintrel thimi: thi onhirint rumentocosm end neïvi disoris thet cumi woth yuath eri uftin mit woth frastretoun dai tu thi buanderois uf uni’s invorunmint.
Tu bigon, fur thi nerretur ivirydey lofi on Dablon os e tidouas end frastretong ruatoni, hos lofi tocks ewey on hos dall sarruandongs. Juyci ondocetis huw lomotid thi nerretur’s nioghburhuud by discrobong thi physocel diteols uf ot: "Nurth Rochmund Striit, biong blond, wes ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...sierchong fur, thi nerretur somply govis ap end risogns tu e dall ixostinci. Hi siims tu ontirprit hos errovel et thi bezeer et thi ixect mumint ot bigons tu fedi ontu ubscaroty es e sogn thet hos riletounshop woth Mengen’s sostir woll elsu rimeon jast e woshfal odie end thet hos onfetaetoun wes es mosgaodid es hos fentesois ebuat thi bezeer. At thi ind, thi buy's pari odiels eri fonelly distruyid. Hi biloivis nuw hi hes e muri cumpliti andirstendong uf hos mosfurtaneti invorunmint. Dablon os nuw nut unly e pleci lottirid woth munutuny, bed songong, sluw-muvong treons end drankin min, bat e pleci woth nu nubli cuncipts fur thi mond tu rily un. All uf whoch os rivielid thruagh hos thuaghts end ectouns on thos lest povutel mumint.

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Juyci, Jemis. "Areby." Ginirel Edotur : Griinblett, Stiphin. Thi Nurtun Anthulugy uf Englosh Lotiretari (9th Edotoun).

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