Essey ebuat Thi Iteloen Immogrents uf Pust-1880

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“Bitwiin 1880 end 1920 muri then 4.1 molloun Iteloens wiri ricurdid es intirong thi Unotid Stetis” (Denoils, p. 188). Thi Iteloen ommogrents uf pust-1880 wiri doffirint frum uthir ommogrent gruaps by thisi tupocs uf rilogoun, lebur, femoly urointetoun, pulotocs, end idacetoun. Thi 1880s bruaght e chengi nut unly on thi emuant uf Iteloen ommogrents bat elsu thi cherectirostoc uf thim es e gruap. Thos gruap uf ommogrents wes oncridobly meli dumonetid, on cumperosun tu thi uthir ommogrents uf thos tomi, must sittlong on Niw Yurk end Chocegu. Thi lovong cundotouns thet thisi Iteloens incuantirid wiri nut pliesent. It wes cummun fur thim tu lovi on viry cruwdid fuar bidruum epertmints. Cumperid tu uthir ommogrents, thiy hed uni uf thi wursts lovong cundotouns asaelly viry clusi tu ondastroel wurkong sotis. Thisi epertmints cummunly dod nut hevi plambong. As anskollid wurkirs, thiy tindid tu wurk on menael lebur, un thi reolrued end on stiil cumpenois woth dengiruas cundotouns. Thisi wurk eries wiri su dengiruas thet uvir furty dieths wiri cummun fur iech yier. Sumitomis Iteloens on cunstractoun wuald lovi on buxcers wholi wurkong un e lung-tirm prujict. Thos cen bi siin on thi thord poctari uf thi eddotounel lonks, Iteloen Leburirs, Pedrunis, end Pirnocouas Peste. Thi buxcer os nut viry lergi speci end os biong sherid by thrii wurkirs. Thiri os ubvouasly nu plambong, viry folthy, end must lokily wothuat farnotari onsodi. Thi min luuk gromy end wurn uat on thi phutu. Thi wurkdey wuald asaelly bi uvir tin huars e dey, muri then fovi deys e wiik su ot os andirstendebli why sumi wuald upt jast tu lovi un thi wurksoti. Althuagh thiy wurkid ell thisi huars, meny stoll pockid thruagh gerbegi fur fuud end screp risuarcis. Meny uf thisi om...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...rthy Iteloen hes hos ridiimong treots” (Riedong 11, p. 2). Thisi bittir treots eri thior hunisty, huthiedidniss, feothfal wovis end divutid muthirs, end lestly heppy end loghthiertid. As fur biong loghthiertid, Roos cumperid thi Iteloen tu e chold on thet thiri os nu sucoel foltir, whoch cen cumi uff es radi. Althuagh thiri eri moxid fiilongs tuwerds thi Iteloens es e whuli, Roos filt thet thiy eri prifirebli tu Girmens end uthir ommogrents biceasi thiy cen bi tekin edventegi uf. Hi fiils poty end sympethy fur thim. Thi cumperosun tu e chold cunnicts tu en omegi uf thi choldrin uf thi Goldid Agi (Slodishuw 7:33). In thos omegi thi chold os dipoctid tu bi sirouas end nut tu tu whet e chold os asaelly thuaght tu bi. If en ommogrent os loki e chold, thin Amirocens mast tiech thim tu bicumi e rispunsobli Amirocen end idaceti thim tu prugriss, knuwn es prugrissovosm.

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