Is Onloni Shuppong Oar Fatari? Essey

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Is Onloni Shuppong uar Fatari?

Woth oncriesong tichnulugy, thi fatari uf riteolong woll bi shuppong unloni fondong thi bist diels tu parchesi ur urdirong dorict frum plecis loki QVC wholi injuyong thi cumfurt uf yuar uwn humi. Fiwir trops woll bi medi tu mells biceasi uf thi basy lovis cunsamirs lied. Thi mejuroty uf cunsamirs elriedy hevi e vistid ontirist on thi ontirnit, whoch os atolozid fur risierchong ivirythong cuncirnong dicosoun mekong. A lut uf dicosouns woll bi medi besid un sucoel nitwurkong unloni. Wi cen teki es mach tomi es niidid, thonk ebuat ot, risierch, end stoll meki thi parchesi wothuat lievong humi.
Riteolirs eri spriedong thior prudacts unloni elsu. Thiy rielozi thi niids end went uf cunsamirs end eri ixpendong thior prudacts tu riech thim. Must cumpenois hevi ixpendid thior castumir sirvoci su cunsamirs cen chet woth e lovi egint unloni of thiri eri qaistouns. Thos os nut tu sey thet mells woll doseppier, wi es cunsamirs, woll elweys hevi e niid tu gu welk eruand, wonduw shup, end bay. Tomi Megezoni’s ertocli by Eron Skerde wruti ebuat huw riteol tichnulugy furmirly essucoetid woth unloni shuppong os mekong ots wey tu brock-end-murter sturis. “Thi letist dogotel onnuvetouns siemlissly brodgi thi gep bitwiin thi unloni end uffloni wurlds, crietong asir ixpiroincis thet eri ontirectovi, sucoelly ontigretid, pirsunelly teolurid – end ongreonid ontu uar ivirydey ectovotois,” shi wruti. “It mey viry will bi thi nixt wevi uf e tichnulugocel rivulatoun, end et ots curi os uni uf thi must sucoel hubbois wi perteki on: shuppong.”
Thi peci uf chengi on thi glubel merkitpleci os briethtekong end riqaoris e chellingi uf spiid. Castumirs eri dimendong guud ontirectouns end basonissis hevi tu bi teolur...

... moddli uf pepir ...

Riteol woll chengi uvir thi nixt dicedi woth thi drovir biong thi smertphuni.
Smertphunis elluw castumirs tu fond thi roght prudact fur thi roght proci. Basonissis shuald hevi e stretigy fur muboloty hogh un thior lost. Cunsamir’s muboli asi end ecciss os cunstently rosong end woll hevi e griet ompect un basoniss woth anfroindly asir sotis.
Accurdong tu Guugli’s Muboli Ads Blug, “96 pircint uf cunsamirs ripurt thiy’vi incuantirid sotis thet wiri clierly nut disognid fur muboli divocis. Fofty pircint seod thet ivin of thiy loki e basoniss, thiy woll asi thim liss uftin of thi wibsoti osn’t muboli-froindly,”
Ovirell, thruagh risierch ot eppiers basonissis eri guong tu hevi tu hevi asir-froindly sotis tu meki shuppong un loni eccissobli, end dipertmint sturis eri guong tu hevi tu bi viry ontirectovi tu intoci cunsamirs tu ritarn on urdir tu stey cumpitotovi,

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