Essay about The Invention Of The Modern Electronic Computer

Essay about The Invention Of The Modern Electronic Computer

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Americans, and the entire world, live in a time of technology. Everyday we are surrounded by our phones, tablets, and our GPS systems. Ever since the invention of the light bulb the world has been growing more advanced every day. It is much cheaper than before to get technological devices because it is easier to make. Because of this there are many more phones, tablets, and other devices than ever before. The center of all this is the computer. The modern electronic computer was invented in the 1940s. Ever since then, computers have gotten much more advanced and they are easier for people to use because we have a mouse and don’t have to type a lot of numbers just to get it to work. Every cellphone and tablet we use is based off the computer because they are just mini-computers. Today there is no phone or tablet that is as powerful as a good computer and we still use computers for business, typing things, editing photos and videos, and fast internet. Because of this it is hard to imagine life without the computer. Choosing the right computer is important because it is important to be comfortable using one in daily life. When buying a computer, the two main types to choose are Apple Macs and Windows PCs. The Apple Mac was called the Macintosh and was introduced by Apple in 1984. Apple created it because they wanted computers to be easier to use for everybody, not just programmers. It had a simple software and you could use a mouse to do things instead of always typing. This made everything more convenient. The Windows PC was released by Microsoft in 1985. Microsoft created it for businesses as well as people. Windows also had a mouse so you could click on things and drag them around instead of typing for everything. Microsoft sold...

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...o many less viruses. Also, windows computers have a lot of antivirus software so this at least helps them fight viruses. Also if someone wants to attack an apple computer then they can attack any because all the computers are the same but windows computers have more variety. (HP, Dell, Toshiba…) The third argument against Apple is that design isn’t important. People say that windows computers can still be very high quality or low quality because there is more variety and it is up to the user to choose depending on their preference and their budget. They also think that convenience isn’t as important as a good working computer.
After considering all the arguments, the Apple Mac is still better. Even though PCs can be cheaper, sometimes they are actually more expensive and are not worth the price because Macs have better security, convenience, and user-friendliness.

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