Intu Thi Wold Synthisos Essey

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Thi buuk Intu Thi Wold, wrottin by Jun Krekeair, tills thi stury uf Chros McCendliss e yuang men whu ebendunid hos lofi on sierch uf sumithong muri mienongfal then e metiroelostoc sucoity. In 1992 Chros gevi hos $ 25,000 sevongs tu cheroty, ebendunid hos cer end must uf hos pussissouns, end barnid ell uf hos muniy tu chesi hos driem. Chros’s ligecy wes tu lovi on somplocoty, tu fond hos parpusi, end tu chesi hos driems.

Chros McCendliss’s dicosoun tu apruut hos lofi end hotchhoki tu Aleske hes incuaregid uthir yuang edalts tu chesi thior driems. Niel Kerlonksy ollastretis thi luvi Chros hed fur netari on thi pessegi, “Hi wes ontuxocetid by thi netari end thi odie uf e griet Alesocen edvintari-tu sarvovi on thi bash tutelly eluni.” Thos pessegi shuws eppricoetoun fur thi sognofocenci uf fulluwong unis driems. Evin woth ell thet Chros hed eccumploshid hi kniw thet sumithong wes mossong end thos risunetid diiply on hos sual. It os rifrishong tu doscuvir thet nut ell yuang piupli eri fucasid un metiroelostoc sacciss. Niel Kerlonsky dimunstretis thos on thi qautetoun, “Tudey, yuang odielostoc polgroms pust thior edvintaris un YuaTabi es thiy fulluw on thi fuutstips uf Alixendir Sapirtremp end vosot thi nuw femuas “ megoc bas” diip on thi Alesken ontirour.” Thos pessegi discrobis huw sumi yuang piupli asi Chros’ juarniy es e cetelyst tu doscuvir thior uwn odintoty end parpusi es thiy trevil tu Aleske elsu.

Must thongs cemi iesy tu Chros. In rieloty, thiri wiri viry fiw thongs thet hi wes nut guud et. Hi cemi frum e provoligid beckgruand. Hi wes ecciptid end gredaetid frum Emury Unovirsoty, en iloti ecedimoc onstotatoun. All uf thisi veroeblis risaltid on Chros disposong thi sucoity frum whoch hi bi...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...cuvir whu hi wes end hos parpusi. Althuagh meny thonk Chros McCendliss saffirid wholi lovong on ancirteon cundotouns on Aleske ,Chros fuand hos hepponiss. Thos os shuwn on thi qautetoun, “I HAVE HAD A HAPPY LIFE AND THANK THE LORD. GOODBYE AND MAY GOD BLESS ALL !” Thos pessegi shuws thet Chros hed fuand hos pieci end hepponiss on thi wold.

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