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Interview with Albert Einstein

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Interview with Albert Einstein

Of all the scientists to emerge from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries there is one whose name is known by almost all living people. While most of these do not understand this mans work, everyone knows that his impact on the world is astonishing.

Yes, many people have heard of Albert Einsteins General Theory of Relativity, but few people know about the intriguing life that led this scientist to discover what some have called The Greatest Single achievement of human thought!

JB: So here with us today is Alert Einstein, So Albert... do you mind me asking you to tell us a little about your childhood?

Einstein: No not at all, lets see here... I was born in Ulm, Germany on March 14th of 1874. I was raised mostly in Munich, Germany. One very odd thing that my mother told me was that I didn't speak until I was three years old. My father owned a small electrochemical shop, once it failed in 1890 then my dad moved us to Million, Italy.

JB: I understand that in you're attempt to attend Princeton you failed the entrance exam, then once you studied you attended anther school instead. what was that all about? Can you tell us?

Einstein: Um. O.K. Yes, as a matter of fact I did fail the Mathematical Portion of the exam. I found anther college near by, I attempted to attend I was accepted. This new place was named the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. This new college was located in Zurich, Italy. In 1896 I started my freshman year of college. Even though I commonly missed classes due to me testing theories, and such. I passed all my examinations with the reviewing of my friends' notes; thus I graduated in 1900

JB: According to my sources you became a naturalized Swiss citizen in 1901. Can you tell us why you became a Naturalized Swiss Citizen?

Einstein: The main reason for me becoming a naturalized citizen, was because in order for me to be accepted in society, and to vote also.

JB: Once you graduated from college, what did you do for money, and a place to stay?

Einstein: Well after my graduation a friend of mine told me that there was an opening for a Technician Assistant. I seized the opportunity; there I made a decent living. Saving my money as I went had enough money to pay the bills also enough to fund my scientific experiments.

JB: Albert. Do you mind if we head into your personal life?

Einstein: What do you mean my personal life?

JB: Well for an example has you ever been married, did you ever have any children, etc.?

Einstein: No I don't mind all. Um. I was married once to my college sweet heart Mileva Maric we saw each other for a while, and we finally decided that we were ready to marry we married in 1903, we had family and friends attend our wedding. We had 2 children one boy, and one girl. We were married for 16 years until we finally decided to call it quits. After our divorce I met a nice lady named Elsa Lawenthal, we eventually married after we were married for a couple of years we found out that she was my 2nd cousin.

Gasps from the audience (ahhhhhh)

JB: Albert why did you continue to stay married to Elsa? Weren't you kind of discussed of this new knowledge?

Einstein: Well back when we were married that kind of thing happened all the time, so it was not frowned upon. And we had feelings for each other. We loved each other.

JB: Excuse me for asking, but our sources tell us tat you and your family moved. Why did you move?

Einstein: Its ok. Yes as a matter of fact we did move, we moved to Berlin so that I could continue my studies in around 1914. My new job I had gotten was on a post at the Russian Academy of Sciences. This moved effected my family terribly, and it was one of the main causes of our divorce in 1919. After our divorce I was so very lonely and I met a young lady, we liked each other we married and the Lady was my 2nd wife which we latter found out that she as my 2nd cousin.

JB: Albert do you think that you could tell us (the audience) about some of your famous publications may be some famous quotes also? If possible, also some major achievements.

Einstein: Sure, um… well in 1905 I published three of my very famous papers; my Special Theory of Relativity, my paper on Brownian motion, and finally my paper of the Quantum of Light and Sound. I cannot remember any of my most famous quotes.

JB: What can you tell us about World War II period, if anything. Please include personal information about the way it changed you.

Einstein: Well in World War II, that war had a strong effect on my life. While the rest of the Germany supported the army, I felt that the war was disgusting, and unnecessary. The new weapons of the war that were created for mass slaughter caused me to devote much of my life creating new ways to make peace. Towards the end of the war I joined a political party that worked to end the war, and create peace in Europe. The government outlaws this party in 1916. I was thought to be a traitor for disagreeing with the government. Also in 1916 I finally published one of my papers now knows as The General Theory of Relativity, that paper was the result of 10 years of hard work that revolutionized the world of physics forever.

JB: What exactly is the General Theory of Relativity?

Einstein: Well basically
it states that the universe has to be thought of as a curve, this also states how light can be affected.

JB: What can you tell us about after the war? Personal thoughts, life changes, etc.

Einstein: Well I can tell you many things about after the war. Um… after the war, many aspects of my life changed. I was still married then, I divorced my wife after the war ended. I then met a young lady named Elsa Lowenthal. We hit it off, and married. This marriage led to a renewed interest in my Jewish Roots, and I became an active supporter of Zionism. Since anti-Semitism grew rapidly in Germany at this time, I quickly became the target of prejudice. There were many rumors floating around that people were trying to kill me, so I began to travel extensively.

JB: Albert, where would you travel too and from?

Einstein: Sure, in around 1921, I traveled to Britain, and then to the United States raising funds for Zionism, and lecturing about my theories. I also visited battle site of the war; and I urged that Europe renew scientific and cultural links. I promoted non-patriotic, non-competitive education, believing that it would prevent a war from happening in the future. And it did. I also believed that socialism would help the world achieve peace.

JB: Albert… Do you think that you could tell the audience what you may have wanted to change about your death? If anything

Einstein: I would have wished that more people had recognized my work. In certain aspects I wish that people could have given me more credit for what I have, and could have done.

I believe that all scientists are very important in the past, and the present. But all scientists are all very important to our society. And I would encourage you to do your very best, and don't give up your dreams because someone said it isn't possible. That would be even more reason to prove them wrong. I'm closing the show with that statement. Goodbye America

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