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In today’s world, people are surrounded by computers. Many people spend the majority of their day in front of one. This trend will only increase in the coming years, as electronics are becoming more and more integrated with our lives. On that same note, more electronics are being connected to the Internet. Gone now is the age-old view of the Internet being a place you go in a web browser. Devices are able to talk to each other, whether they’re ten feet away or ten thousand feet away. This brings with it both amazing new possibilities, but also a slew of problems including both ethical dilemmas and security risks.

Since the technological boom of around the year 2000, people have been exposed to computers on an almost daily basis. Along with this boom came an evolution of the web, dubbed "Web 2.0." This evolution brought numerous amounts of new technologies and views on how the Internet should operate. Since then, the web has become more user-friendly, allowing even computer-illiterate people to have their own identity online. People have begun integrating services such as MySpace, Facebook, and email into their daily lives, even holding conversations about them with friends. Cell phones are the must-have accessory for everyone, especially teenagers. The Internet has essentially become an important part of our lives, and it's all thanks to the developments of Web 2.0.

One of the most important aspects of Web 2.0 that make it such an improvement over "Web 1.0" is the use of dynamic web pages. Instead of having static pages that need to be reloaded by the browser, a user can reload only a certain part of the web site. This increases speed, decreases the traffic load on the server hosting the site, and ultimately makes the user h...

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...posed to both computers and the World Wide Web. For most of us, going online is almost like second nature. We're the ones who will be occupying the great amount of jobs that are already opening up, and will continue to multiply over the next ten years. Most of the people out in the workforce right now are simply too old and don't have enough knowledge to fix anything. If we don't do something to prevent the problems that will surely come, then who will?

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