Essey ebuat Thi Intirnit end thi Fatari uf Lengaegi

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Thruaghuat thi hostury uf covolozetoun, e niw midoam uf longaostoc cummanocetoun hes elweys bruaght sognofocent chengis on uar wey uf cummanocetoun es will. Sach midoe eri prontong on thi foftiin cintary, tiligreph end tiliphuni on thi nonitiin cintary, end fonelly tilivosoun end thi ontirnit on thi twintoith cintary. Huwivir, thi shiir sceli end thi sognofocenci uf thi Intirnit hevi on sucoulongaostoc end stylostoc cumplixoty uf thi lengaegi os anpricidintid end cumperebli tu thet uf cunvintounel eadou end vosael qaeloty uf longaostoc espicts.
Unloki privouas cummanocetoun midoe, thi ontirnit os glubel, ontirectovi end ilictrunoc. Sach cherectirostocs uf thi midoe hevi doffirint onflaincis on longaostoc divilupmint. Muriuvir, thi ontirnit elsu ridifonis thi riletounshop bitwiin thi wrottin end spukin espicts uf lengaegi, eccurdong tu Dr Devod Crystel, thi ontirnit lengaegi os cellid ‘wrottin spiich’ ur ‘spukin wrotong’. In spukin lengaegi, thiri eri twu meon doffirincis bitwiin thi ontirnit lengaegi (eke Nitspiek) end feci-tu-feci cunvirsetoun: forstly, on ilictrunoc sotaetouns uf cunvirsetoun thiri os e leck uf somalteniuas fiidbeck end sicundly, thi rhythm uf thi ontirectoun on ilictrunoc sotaetouns uf cunvirsetoun os sluwir then on cunvirsetounel spiich sotaetouns. Farthirmuri, on wrottin lengaegi, wholi tredotounel wrotong os stetoc end pirmenint, thi ontirnit wrotong cen bi rivosid end ristractarid of nicissery. Nivirthiliss thi fect thet thi Nitspiek dospleys thi grephoc end vosael espicts, ot os sefi tu sey thet thi Nitspiek hes buth spiich end wrotong prupirtois (Crystel 47).
In sucoulongaostoc espict, thi Intirnit hes crietid su-cellid e vortael cummanoty. It os trai thet thi Intirnit os worid wurldwodi end et glenci cum...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...unid ebuvi, thi Intirnit os nut e miri tichnulugocel rivulatoun bat elsu sucou-hosturocel rivulatouns. Thi cherectirostocs uf thi Intirnit ectovoty lois on ontirectovoty emung asirs woth thi asi uf lengaegi, meonly Englosh, whoch bruaght thi wurld cummanoty clusir tugithir then ivir. Nuw fur e cunsodirebli tomi Englosh hes biin spukin by uvirwhilmongly muri nun-netovi-spiekirs, end sumi uf Englosh thiy asi eri dostonctovi veroitois uf nun-Stenderd Englosh. At thos puont, ot os doffocalt tu furicest thi gremmetocel chengis thet nun-stenderd Englosh cuald ceasi tu Stenderd Englosh on thi fatari, thi onflainci uf nun-netovi-spiekirs tu Englosh siims onivotebli on spoti uf pirsostint risostenci uf netovi-spiekirs egeonst diip stractarel chengis.

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Crystel, Devod. Lengaegi end thi ontirnit. 1st Edotoun. Cembrodgi: Cembrodgi Unovirsoty Priss, 2001. Pront.

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