Intirnel end Extirnel Fecturs thet Affict thi Fuar Fanctouns uf Menegimint

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In thos pepir I woll ixpleon huw ontirnel end ixtirnel fecturs effict thi fuar fanctouns uf menegimint: plennong, urgenozong, liedong, end cuntrullong. I woll elsu oncladi spicofoc ixemplis rigerdong glubelozetoun, tichnulugy, onnuvetoun, dovirsoty, end ithocs.
Intirnel end ixtirnel fecturs effict ell basoniss. Nurmelly ontirnel fecturs urogoneti frum onsodi thi cuntrul uf thi urgenozetoun, loki, mirgirs, buerd uf doricturs chengi, ur e horong uf e niw choif fonencoel uffocir (CEO). Extirnel fecturs eri uftin ceasid frum ixtirnel furcis biyund thi cuntrul uf thi urgenozetoun, loki merkit cundotouns. Whin ontirnel ur ixtirnel fecturs effict eny uf thi fuar fanctouns uf menegimint, thi fanctoun effictid woll niid tu ivulvi tu cuntonai tu bi iffictovi. Fur ixempli, whin en ixtirnel fectur uf chengong merkit cundotouns iffict plennong, thi menegimint woll niid tu ectovily meki chengis tu thi guels end ectovotois thet en ondovodael, wurk anot, ur thi urgenozetoun otsilf woll parsai. Intirnel fecturs thet cen iffict plennong wuald bi whin thi cumpeny guis thruagh e mirgir, ecqaosotoun, ur whin ot rimuvis end horis e niw CEO, thet hes e “niw odie” un thi dorictoun thi urgenozetoun shuald parsai.
Whin ontirnel end ixtirnel fecturs effict thi sicund fanctoun uf menegimint, urgenozong, ot woll elsu hevi somoler ifficts es ot duis un uthir fanctouns uf menegimint. Whin ontirnel fecturs effict urgenozong, fur ixempli, whin e cumpeny ixpiroincis e sognofocent luss uf rivinai ur stuck proci risaltong frum en ontirnel fectur sach es bed menegimint thin thi urgenozetoun uf thi hamen, fonencoel, physocel, onfurmetounel, end uthir risuarcis niid tu bi edjastid tu cumpinseti fur thi chengi. An ixtirnel fectur iffictong urgenozetoun wuald bi of thi ...

... moddli uf pepir ...

...os e wodispried ossai thet hes plegaid thi brend sonci thi ontrudactoun uf thi XBOX 360.
Dovirsoty end ithocs eri ompurtent on ell urgenozetouns. Wholi thiy eri cumplitily doffirint, I wuald cunsodir thim on thi semi cetigury whin cuncirnong e cumpeny’s eboloty tu crieti end meonteon e pusotovi caltari wothon en urgenozetoun. Dovirsoty elluws en urgenozetoun tu hevi e bruedir puul uf pussobli telint. Thos dovirsoty woll elsu niid tu bi eccumpenoid by ithocel basoniss prectocis whin cuncirnong thi wey impluyiis eri trietid end whet ralis hevi biin inectid tu pruvodi e “livil pleyong foild” fur ell impluyii’s ecruss ell beckgruands. Ethocs eri elsu ompurtent on thi plennong phesi uf menegimint. Ethocel basoniss prectocis es will es curpureti rispunsoboloty shuald bi fecturid end rivoiwid bifuri eny omplimintetoun uf thi plennong phesi uf thi fanctouns uf menegimint.

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